Sunday, May 2, 2010

Terror alert in capital

which I'm sure has nothing to do with my return! but it did stuff up my night out which didn't happen.
So, what's been happening? Well I made I made it safely to Guwahati, and the boys got back there in remarkably good time. The funniest thing from that day was the tale told by James, when he and Pema shared a room at the hotel in Guwahati, and Pema went to have first shower. After he finished, James went to have a wash and discovered that the floor was about an inch deep in water - everywhere. He asked Pema why he didn't use the shower curtain, Pema said it didn't reach. James was very confused, until Pema showed him the 'shower' - it was the toilet squirt thingy!!! I'm still laughing about that.
Mystic Meg here was unaware that Robin was annoyed about a lot of things that went not according to plan on the trip to Arunachal, so when he discovered that we were off to Kolkata he was not at all happy. He had wanted to go to Darjeeling, but didn't tell me.... my goodness what an interesting 24 hours that was. As luck would have it though, the concierge at the Taj in Kolkata was very helpful and efficient and managed to get us a very good deal on the Windamere in Darjeeling which pretty well cut our losses. And I am never organising a treat for sir again! Ever.
So we enjoyed the cool weather in Darjeeling - I had to buy a cardie and a shawl (luckily I decided I could live without a bobbly beanie) although of course there was no view of the mountains. We went to the zoo and saw snow leopards and red pandas and drank endless cups of tea. I got bored walking up and down hills in my borrowed shoes and socks.  Robin bought lots of books which contributed in no small way to my excess luggage bill yesterday.
Yesterday morning I sent him off in a car from Assam to Bhutan, and last I heard he was near the border at lunchtime yesterday. I then took the Jet Airways Sky Chunder service from Guwahati to Delhi - the plane bounced around so much I thought I would lose the lunch I didn't have!
I have another 2 weeks in Delhi before I am supposed to fly back to Kathmandu - but now I hear that the Maoists are calling strikes starting today so I will wait and see - if it is going to be a nuisance I just won't bother.
Despite the terror alert warnings from the embassy I am determined to get out today before I go stir crazy - might hit a bar tonight after walking up to the local shops to get something to eat as it is the staff day off, and everyone is out of the house.

Sadly the cafe wasn't open when we went there..

Consider yourself warned!!!


  1. Poor you, so much for organizing a treat for Robin. I'm sure he must be pretty frustrated with the way the "trekking" has been going but I'm sure he could have been a bit more appreciative! I'm really enjoying being able to track your travels; it makes me think back to our time with you guys last year.

  2. Hey Sandra good to see you! Yes well, best intentions and all that - you know how it is. And of course you know how much he prefers walking to sitting in a car! And of course you know what Robin is like.
    What are you two up to now? Stay in touch!