Thursday, May 13, 2010

Feelin' hot hot hot!

That was a warm day.. by any standards. It was 45 in the shade at the pool today - so I spent time running to the pool swimming for a bit then jumping back out again - actually I didn't run as that is DANGEROUS - it was more of a skipping ouchy hoppy thing - very attractive.
I appear to have been abandoned by the driver - of course nobody ever tells me ANYTHING in this nut house so I never know what is happening - like with Carmen coming, the no phone and internet, the staff having the night off so no cooking (which you don't know till you are starving and half cut from pre dinner drinkies!) so in order to get to Harry's last night I ordered a local dodgy cab. I make it a habit to always get at least one dodgy cab per trip - this one was OK except that me being a cheapskate last night meant I ordered an un a/c one thinking oh goody I'll save 30% and then got stuck in a big old traffic jam. Lovely.
So last night was my last at Harry's karaoke for this trip - and if they have any brains they will put my photo outside on the 'not wanted inside' list! For some reason I now see fit to sing AND dance - last night I got roped into 'Karma Chameleon' with a rotund jolly Indian chap in an apricot polo shirt. He then tried to get me to do 'Islands in the Stream' with him but I gave that a miss. There was a table of 3 girls who sang very well ( I think they were using the place for practise) but they weren't buying any drinks which annoyed the owner.. of course. Then there was a young lady's birthday do where the blokes all stood down one end (or went out for a smoke) while the girls were down the other singing and admiring someone's new tattoo.
Manish has ordered me to go to Bennigan's on Saturday and then finally Ice Lounge/Bar thingy on Sunday since I'm leaving on Tuesday. So you will get more of the latest Delhi karaoke news. Did you know there is a facebook page - karaoke friends are forever - set up (I think) by the pilot Andre that I met a while ago here. But I don't think you will find me on it - well I hope not anyway!
Great news on the trekking frontier - Robin got some blue sky yesterday. Not for long, but it was better than nothing. The weather reports make it look like the weather is finally clearing - I have about a dozen websites I look at and then have to decide which is correct - since they are all different - sometimes it is a subtle difference, others it's like I'm not looking at the same area or day at all. Today Robin was off to a hot a-spring (as the Nepalis call it) - don't need one if you are in Delhi!
If you stop on the footpath for more than a second your shoes will melt into the tar!
The country is agog with the crap$hit effort of the Indian Cricket Team (or TEAM INDIA as they seem to be called) in the T20 World Cup. The captain, lovely MS Dhoni, has come out and said that IPL is to blame because they played late night matches and then had to go to parties (but when he says it it comes out like puddies - sounds cute!). The TV cricket wallahs - on one channel we had 3 ex Indian captains - a Hindu, a Muslim and a Sikh - which I thought was rather interesting - all slamming the players, administrators and anyone else they could think of. Then Imran Khan turned up (former Pakistan captain and hunk) and they didn't seem to appreciate him telling them that Indians didn't know what they were doing and couldn't play short pitched balls. And just now I heard that there was (allegedly, as they love to add in the papers here) a punch up in a Tequila bar between 'puddying' Indian players after their 'shock' exit from the World Cup, and 'disgruntled' fans who took exception to the team having a good time. Allegedly, 'taunts were exchanged'.
Delhi may indeed be melting, but the big trees are looking great. The laburnum (yellow) and gulmohar (red) are fabulous right now.

Here's one of the trees round where I am staying:

And since it's Cocktail o'clock: CHEERS!!

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