Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun!

And even when you aren't sometimes! Where to start?
Well, the new job is really busy and despite having a system which throws up all your accounts sorted however you like, management still insists on emailing stupid Excel spreadsheets with loads of different colours (the meaning of which I don't know) with missives that say things like 'Team please do all the green accounts before you go home'. And basically, if you get this and have loads of cases you just have to stay back and complete it. No matter how long it takes. And you have to get 3 hours 'talk time' every day which only registers calls of 20 seconds or more, so if you get the dreaded Telstra 10 second message woman you have to talk really s l o w l y to make 20 seconds. Because I'm not taking inbound calls yet I am not getting 3 hours a day, and am a bit bored with having to submit records of all my actioned cases. C'mon guys I'm not 19 years old. So we shall see how this pans out - I mean the people are really nice but some of the stuff is just ridiculous. 
Robin has managed to get the apartment in Katty fairly well sorted out but still doesn't have decent wifi and had to invest in a gas geyser for the bathroom. So much expense that we weren't really expecting: geyser, inverter, new laptop, spare bed. I've stopped counting but I just have to make sure I can pay the bills....
I was really looking forward to spending some time at the pool this summer (ha there's a joke) and I STILL haven't been to the pool. And probably never will. Since we got back on 1 December there's been about 12 hours of sunshine. So totally boring. I had a whole bunch of summer clothes made by Master-ji in Delhi last year and I despair of ever getting to wear them.
I had to buy some new software for the computer to get the slide scanner operational so hopefully I can get some old holiday snaps scanned in my spare time (the time that I am NOT spending at the pool!). And I bought a USB turntable so that I can convert my records to MP3 and stick them on the iPod. Well that's the plan anyway. Having a few issues with, I believe, 'the interface'. Whatever that is. I'll try again tomorrow.
Oh and I had a horrible eye infection that lasted for 2 weeks - I was rather lucky I panicked when I had a sore eye and managed to get into a specialist straight away. The pain was awful and I ended up having 3 days off work (always a good look in your first month) and couldn't even sit in the loungeroom because the skylight made the room too bright (with this overcast weather. Ha!) And I couldn't wear my contact lenses for 2 weeks. But I did manage to get to the T20 cricket - I'd never been before and it was SUCH FUN! I must make more effort to go see some games in India next time.
'Rosemary's Baby' is on the TV - I remember being scared witless reading the book when I was a teenager. So far, so strange.
I will try to report more regularly, eye infections notwithstanding.....