Thursday, May 6, 2010

And from our roving sports reporter

At half time in the great soccer match (football to you non Aussies) at Lingshi sports stadium (or a field in the middle of nowhere) it's Dragons (red) 0 - Lions (gold) 0. The girls are playing in the next match I'm told.
I have now purchased a fab Samsung dual sim phone, which works a bit like an Indian call centre as I can be on one sim, say the Indian one, and Robin can ring on the Aussie roaming one and I can say stuff like 'hold the line please' , or as they lady at Spicejet said the other week "please be online" - I thought she meant I had to get my computer out!

This chap has nothing to do with anything in the blog, I just think he's really cool. Last year he got locked up for painting a statue of Prithvi Narayan Shah, the uniter of Nepal (we could do with him now) in puce pink and gold. I rather liked it.

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  1. And at full time it was the boys match 2 all. The girls got a result 2 nil but I'm not sure who correspondent is a bit crap at giving all details.