Thursday, May 27, 2010

but wait there's more....

electricity that is! I have been driving myself nuts using it - don't ask me what the hell I have achieved though. I still haven't ironed anything!
Right, so Robin made it over the 2nd highest pass in Bhutan and is now somewhere called Narithang - it's amazing what a difference having a map can make. I got up at 3 this morning to get a forecast off the net for him, so am a bit dopey....Just because there is power doesn't mean the internet works.
Got my bangles for the wedding - all nice married ladies have armsful of bangles and I couldn't be left out! Not that anyone could mistake me for a nice married lady.
My Nepali friends and I have been busy solving all of Nepal's problems. We all seem to agree that it is the fault of the 601 parliamentarians - rabid dogs or crazy monkeys depending on who you talk to! I can't believe that every month for the last 2 years each of these useless bums collected Rs 1 lakh (100,000 rupees or about $AUD2k - a fair bit for this place) and they have managed, in general, to achieve precisely nothing to benefit the local people. It is bad enough when it happens in the west, where at least most people have a house, water, medical care. But here it just sucks. Many people are thinking it's time for a different sort of government. Like not a democracy - considering that the hapless fellow who is PM (MK Nepal) was rejected by all voters and yet still runs the country (if that is indeed what he is doing) I think anything would be better, and I'm not the only one. A friend of mine says that the only reason Nepal isn't a failed African state is that it isn't in Africa!

Today is Buddha Jayanti, so Happy Birthday to Lord Buddha.

Tomorrow is the last day for the parliament to get it's act together. Saturday is Republic Day - and also probably the day when people take to the streets egged on by the Maoists to protest about the useless government. And Sunday is Roast Lunch day at the Sterling Club - this month is roast chicken with peach pie and ice cream YUM. Taking my mate Sarah to that.
Went for a swim yesterday as the weather was pretty steamy - and what a lovely swim it was too!
And here's a quote I read in the paper yesterday about the missing doctor I have been telling you about : "The cops are not able to solve this complicated crime conundrum." FANTASTIC. In news about raids on 'massage parlours' in town : "The police caught them in the midst of their involvement in objectionable activities." Excellent work.
There is now another person signed up for the full Nepal traverse next year with World Expeditions. Please, if you are thinking of a trek check out the WE GHT trips - you will be part of something new and exciting, and you'll be helping Nepal as well as having a great holiday.

And here as promised is a photo of a large plate of that Bhutanese delicacy Emai Datsu or cheese curry. MMMMMMMM.
Thanks to my sister for keeping me informed on mum - expect an email after I digest the current news - which is only slightly more palatable than the cheese curry I think!
Well the rain has started again, and I just finished a splendid hot chocolate so I might wander home and grab a hot shower before the water goes cold on me!

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