Thursday, April 22, 2010

back at the airport

Well of course I didn't come home early from karaoke last night did I? I was having a lovely beer or two and watching the IPL semi final - of course my team lost - and and 'enjoying' the singing efforts of a group of young people who were murdering Madonna, ABBA and many more besides. So I didn't feel the need to participate. I gave my friend Manish an autographed Steve Waugh cricket bat which my niece very kindly sent over (she works for S Waugh) and he was well pleased.
When I woke up way too early this morning I tried to rationalise my luggage  as I knew I had too much - but of course failed miserably. So off I went with the driver, after saying goodbye to Hydra who is not feeling well as she ate a dodgy pigeon yesterday...As I got out of the car at the airport a Kingfisher airways man came up and asked which airline - I said Jetlite - he said no problem - and wheeled my trolley for me up to the counter. Too helpful - take note other airlines!
I can hear them calling another Guwahati flight so I guess the airport has dried out a bit.....I've still got a couple of hours before mine leaves, so I can play on the free wifi here at the airport (god how I love it) and maybe ring some people up before having a Delhi airport version of breakfast. I've have already had a warm bottle of lemon Mirinda - mmmmm I love fruit for breakfast. I don't know why Sydney airport can't be as civilised as this - the staff are pleasant - even when you have 'too many luggages' and everything works and lots of stuff is free! Pay attention Macquarie Bank.
Carmen my hostess is probably getting out of bed now to collect her bags as she is flying off to Goa while I am away - lucky thing. When I am knee deep in flood this afternoon she will be floating in the Arabian Sea and eating pineapples!
So here's a picture of the National Highway in Assam from my last trip there. Pretty bustling kinda joint!
See you all again soon!


  1. bum - flight delay. enjoying (?) breakfast in the airport - at least the chairs are comfy! might meet Carmen if she comes in time....

  2. it appears that anything heading north or east is delayed - jammu, dehra dun, guwahati, dibrugarh - such exotic names. I have had my rather good buffet breakfast, hit the ATM, bookshop, choccie emporium and been to the loo. Why do they have 'the last and final boarding call'??? WTF - surely that's overkill.
    I hope to be leaving in about an hour or so, but I'm not holding my breath.