Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thanks India

Well here I am at yet another airport using free wifi. Can you believe I was only charged Re100 per kg this morning for my excess. So I still have some unusable overseas 500 notes to try to get rid of.
Well last night Manish, his lovely wife Devna and I went to Olive and made complete gutses of ourselves - I still have some of my pasta in my hand luggage to eat on the flight maybe, and Manish took home a pile of stuff! Thanks to both of them for coming with me.
Robin is having lots of dramas with horses, 2 died yesterday and it looked like they were going to be stuck or would have to cancel the trip. Lots of frantic calls on yesterday and first thing this morning, but it looks like we will be able to get some fresh pack animals and some help to get over the pass, although the locals are charging an exorbitant fee to clear a trail and come over - because they can. It took all my patience and then some to deal with that yesterday and this morning, especially as I managed to somehow lose my airline ticket in the airport - good thing it didn't really matter and I got checked in anyway.
think I'll try to snooze on the flight - got a legroom window seat, and I even have 7 days left on my old visa so just have to extend it sometime this week.
So again, thanks India that was TOPS!
See you all from Nepal, and Manish - keep in touch cos karaoke friends are forever!

Bored security staff in one of Nepal's many strikes

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