Friday, May 7, 2010

I think I just had the best meal ever

Have you noticed how often I am chatting about food? That might be because Delhi has some of the most awesome restaurants. Last night Harry and I went to Olive (just behind the Qutab Minar in south Delhi) - a place I had been wanting to visit for some time. It is run by Chef Saby - who also runs ai, the Japanese restaurant I visited recently. Saby trained in Sydney under people like Tetsuya, and I think he was also at Rockpool for a while.  Anyway, to say the food was divine is an understatement. Olive is a true Mediterranean restaurant, serving not only Greek and Italian style, but Middle Eastern, and North African style meals, For starters he created a sort of cold minestrone mousse which was to die for! I didn't get a pic of that, but YUM. Kebabs, pizza, pasta, fresh bread and pound-it-yourself pesto/salsa.

You can sit outside near the mist fans (so cool) under the big old fig tree - gorgeous. I had a pizza that sounded like the kind of thing you make up when you've had a few too many, and you want to eat all your favourite things at one: tiger prawns, lime, chilli and basil. What a fantastic sensation that was. And I still have 2 bits for lunch later.

And here I am with said pizza, with Bikram the chef, and Chef Saby

And that's my dessert - sort of baklava thing with fig and almond icecream and berry sauce - except it was called something more glam on the menu. Don't you just love the cooked apple decoration in the middle?

So please promise me that if you are ever in Delhi, that you will go to Olive Restaurant or ai, and to know more about Saby here's his facebook address

And I know that for dessert last night Robin was having tinned pineapple rings - oh well we all have to make sacrifices....


  1. I love the banana je ne sais quas, looks very satisfying. Pardon me for being distant of late; had a few things going on. I completed busting my 'busted arse' by pinching my sciatic nerve. What pain, I tell you, I'd rather give birth to breech twins than have that pain again. Anyway I'm back on deck now. Nanna going to Merimbula on a bus trip in a couple of weeks she seems Ok but has some funny stories to tell about her new neighbours. Moved house and took Babooshka a while to get settled but she is a good girl again now. Running out the door for a funeral, as usual but I like your blogs and have been reading them from time to time.

    Will send longer mesage in due course. Don't get too fat...


    Di and the others

  2. so good to know one's younger sister cares so much!