Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Supertramp said it: It's raining again

Well it is in Bhutan anyway! Robin is very soggy and pleased to have a carpet and a kitchen tent. He would be even more pleased if he had a satellite phone that worked. But hey, that's for me to sort out. Currently 4 countries are involved in this tamasha - let's hope that's all it takes.
Got a call from Robin on the Dong La at about 4000m in mist, rain and hail. He had seen ugh yellow, red, pink and white rhododendrons, signs of deer and wild boar, and lots of birds. He sounded very happy and tired, and said his trusty guide Raj seems to be enjoying himself most of the time!
He rang me while I was at Sarojini Nagar  (especially noted by the embassies as a place to avoid because of possible terrorist attack). As you see, I made it out OK but there sure weren't any other foreigners there. Got a good deal on a bag from the 'hand luggage emporium' near the ice cream stand - the man assured me it was number one quality. I'm sure it is for $10 Aussie. But as long as it holds all the blasted books Robin bought and a few other heavy items I'll be happy.
Currently enjoying the Amazing Race Asia, where an American who is married to an Asian lady is being soundly berated for his driving in Korea - and boy does she have a screechy voice!
Swam half a km or so today - which kinda wears one out. 
The shouty news TV stations have been bombarding viewers all day with tasteless logos about the convicted Mumbai blast chappie Kasab/Qasab. There is overwhelming public support for a public hanging, and so the news channels now have borders around their KASAB MUST DIE flashy trashy headlines, of a swinging noose superimposed over his photo from the CCTV cameras at the Taj. In case you didn't guess, I find it all rather tacky. Not to mention wrong. That's not to say the bereaved families didn't suffer, but it won't solve the problem or bring the loved ones back.
And in travel news, there is a strong push to close many of the tiger parks to the public as there is a perception that tours is making the tigers too used to people, and therefore creating problems for villagers.  And if nobody ever goes there nobody will know what is happening to the animals...

A shoe shop at Sarojini Nagar Delhi

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