Monday, May 3, 2010

almost back to normal

Yes the girls are back at work today (so they make the food and save me worrying about how to work a microwave, and how to get an Indian washing machine off the 'sari' setting) - I am not making this up. Sartar the driver is back too so I went off for a swim (almost time to fall asleep now) then after a very healthy lunch of fried chicken sausages between toast and grilled cheese went to Jorbagh to Steakhouse after fighting with several ATMs.
Last night the peanuts and shandy were a very lovely meal while I watched the T20 cricket. Do peanuts qualify as 'veg'?
Not sure what is happening with the 'terror alert' but there weren't too many people around Jorbagh today which is rather unusual. My friend Manish tells me that it is all on again at the karaoke joint on Wednesday, which is great news for those of us who go mad stuck at home.
And news, still nothing from the sat phone people about how to make the sat phone work. I'd really hate to have to insert it somewhere so I hope they get back to me soon.
Oh, and remember the saga of the SUUNTO watch band thing? Well, there is actually an outlet here in Delhi I discovered that has all sorts of spare bits and pieces, like the commonly defective ladies watch band and clasp. I don't need it now but you might one day!
So let me tell you more about the strange North East of India, where everyone is a tribal and nobody likes anyone else - if the stories are to be believed. I can tell you that not many white women spend time in Guwahati (Assam) judging by the reception I got.  And they certainly don't go to the airport wearing capris with a metal zip. I had to drop my daks at the airport (behind a grubby screen) every time I went thru Guwahati airport. And funny thing, the woman with the metal detector was wearing trousers with a metal zip (she tested it with the detector) so I am mystified. Robin reckons they wanted to see my knickers. God only knows why. I wonder what sort they would have liked to see?
And in Assam and Darjeeling, 2 famous tea growing areas, it is almost impossible to get.....a decent cup of tea. The tea in Assam is the right strength, but served in pi$$y little cups, while in Darjeeling it barely rates as coloured water. Mind you, the airports for both places, Bagdogra and Guwahati, are still the sort of place where one can arrive in a cycle rickshaw. And at Bagdogra we just 'deplaned' (what a stupid word) and wandered across the tarmac, all the crazy Indians taking pictures of themselves in front of the plane - no security AT ALL. Try doing that in  Mumbai and see how much you like Arthur Rd Jail. Speaking of which, no surprise that Mumbai bomber Kasab has been found guilty today.
And finally on Guwahati, if you are ever over that way do stay at the Hotel Vishwaratna - Mr Das is a charming fellow and the evening chef makes some of the best food I have ever had upcountry. If it isn't on the menu he will give it a go if he knows how.

And here is a sample off the 'snacks' menu:
gotta love anywhere that does things on sticks

I don't know what the salamander thinks about it!


  1. Hi Judy, Good work - sounds like you didn't fall for the Guwahatians stealing the Bagdogrians hand luggage, or visa versa, when one or the other is transisting and/or deplaning Guhwati or Bagdogra, as the case may be, depending on whether you're flying to or from Delhi.


  2. Well luckily these days you have to show your boarding pass to get OFF the plane, and they only unload the luggage belonging to people deplaning at that airport. But I was keeping my eyes peeled for sure. You can now also get direct flights from Delhi or Kolkata to those places, thus avoiding the luggage situation. I was on Delhi-Guwahati-Imphal & lots of tribals on that one. Funny thing, on all the flights I was the only white lady person...