Friday, May 14, 2010

I know what a hot dog feels like!

It's official - yesterday was the hottest day in Delhi since the Taj Mahal was built - well almost! And it just never seemed to cool down. As I mentioned, swimming was not really refreshing, just different. I felt like a poor old cocktail frankfurt. After the swim I got another dodgy cab, this time an old black and yellow Amby (Ambassador) the classic Indian car: bench seats, no air con and ALWAYS driven by immaculate old fellows in neatly pressed grey safari suits. I feel so sorry for these buggers that I just can't resist hailing them in this heat, then giving them an extra Re 10 at the end so they can buy an icecream. They seem pretty pleased - they have to turn up to work anyway and nobody wants to hire them, so they sit around in the heat all day and don't earn any money. That's me being charitable. And hell, it is SO hot it really doesn't matter.
Which leads me to dinner, wherein Louella (the resident teacher), Vinita (the maid/cook) and I walked for 15 minutes or so in the heat to a south Indian dosa joint for dinner. It wasn't really cooler, but at least the sun had set!
Complete this joke to win a prize: A Nepali, an Indian and an Aussie went to a dosa joint.....

Why do I always seem to have that shirt on????

Hey just caught the Super 14s and saw the Tahs beat the Hurricanes. YAY.
News from Bhutan: Robin was stuck in the infamous and well documented mud of Bhutan yesterday and today - blizzards, snow rain. Sounds just lovely. They are now somewhere called I think Tjule Tsho (lake) and going over the Gulay Na(??) some some hot a-springs. They are a little behind schedule as the mud really slowed them down, and Robin is feeling the altitude at a snip under 4500m. He's lucky he's not at Everest Base Camp otherwise he probably wouldn't have a tent as just about everything got blown away in big winds  there in the last few days. He is looking forward to a short day tomorrow followed by lounging in the hot springs - he should just come to Delhi where even a cold shower scalds you. And as for the rungs on the pool ladder...
I hit the mall again this arvo - bought a dress and some supplies - like beer, coke to go with rum, juice and cheese Shapes to go with the beer and the rum. Oh and some new swimming goggles since my others leak.
Another state hangman has offered to come out of retirement to hang the Mumbai terrorist Kasab. For the grand sum of Rs 200 I think.
this Sunday is the last auspicious day for weddings for some months, and there are forecast to be between 15 and 20 THOUSAND weddings set for Delhi on Sunday. Gawd help us. I think hanging out at Ice Lounge will be the best thing to do - and it is meant to be 46 on Sunday so going into minus 6 should really make me feel fabulous - or dead!
Staying in tonight to watch Australia and Pakistan in the T20 - just hope there isn't a powercut!

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