Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bhatti drives me batty

that's right the electricity situation here is driving me nuts. In theory we have 12 hrs every day of power cuts, all nicely arranged and duly notified, so that you can plan when to be home and when you can go out. The last few days we have had some huge storms that go for 10 hours or more, which increases the water level in the rivers, and the amount of hydro power.
So the powers that be very kindly just leave the switch on, so we all get more power. Problem is, you never know when they will turn it off. An hour ago I was stuck in netbanking, email and weather forecasting when it went off, so have now come out to a cafe to finish what I started. I am enjoying a rather good mango smoothie while I work so it could be worse.
I've not gone back to the pool because all the rain will have made the pool even colder than it was on Saturday. And I am such a wuss.
Had dinner and drinks last night with Billi and some friends of hers from her hometown Garmisch in Germany. we went to a Bhutanese restaurant for dinner - and boy am I taking my own food when I visit next month! More on that later. I tried to upload a photo of the cheese curry  but the website spat it out.
There has been a huge dump of snow at Everest Base Camp, and Makalu was apparently way too cold to summit.The rescues on Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu this season are quite the talk of the mountaineering community - a joint venture between Nepali Fishtail Air and Swiss Air Zermatt has proven that it is possible to rescue above 6000m. Read more about it here:http://www.billibierling.com/2010/05/24/engagement-parties-and-everest-summits/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BilliBierling-
We now have the youngest climber: Jordan Romero aged 13. He has completed the Seven Summits - quite an achievement. And as for the nutty British chap who swam across the glacial lake under Mt Pumori - why?
And speaking of why, Robin has another big pass on Thursday, then they arrive in a place called Laya - if I had a decent map I could find it - and then it is 'all downhill' from there. They got soaked yesterday, just as I predicted, and were lucky enough to pal up with the forest officer who comes originally from Nepal, so he let them stay in his house and warm up by the pot belly stove. 
On yesterday's topic of the missing doctor, apparently an investigation has discovered that he is OK and will return home in a few days. What does that mean? Did he go to India to the Bata shoe shop? A quick trip to Lhasa? How vague and irritating.
Looks like none of my photos want to upload today so you will just have to go without.
Bye for now!

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