Saturday, May 15, 2010

Getting warmer.....

especially when the power goes out. Eeeeewww last night was so lovely. Lucky I had a supply of previously cold drinks to rely on. And a shopping bag of ice cubes....
Not much has occurred today - pool where there were a few more people because it's Saturday - and answer me this - why do people seem to not feel that they need to supervise their kiddies in a pool which has other grown ups in it? I don't go there to watch your darlings madam, I go to SWIM. So if you are going to wander off and gossip on your phone, get the kiddies out of the pool! There that is my whinge for the day.
Robin rang me after a 4 hour stint in the hot a-springs where it was actually warmer than Delhi. He sounds like he had a great time! A lot of up tomorrow and the weather forecast I sent is not looking too flash so fingers crossed that it is only bad in the morning. I didn't tell you that he ran into some non-Bhutanese yesterday - a Polish couple who were going up and down the boggy trail just to go to the hot a-springs.

Big news day today:

The bus was loaded on top with wedding gifts including an almirah (metal 'wardrobe') and it hit an overhead powerline and zapped everyone, who you can see piled up outside the bus.

The Delhi council has banned all tongas (horse drawn carts) from the streets - an old fashioned 'country' way to get around. many farmers used them to bring things to market. Now there is nowhere for them to go, but I'm not sure why the horse is in a pit.

And my personal favourite:

I love the way it so isn't an Indian girl in the photo. I want to go visit the Anti Obscene Calls Cell - I reckon that would be a hoot.

I'm off to the anti bad hair day joint tomorrow so hopefully will look less like a mop gone wrong in my next pic - where I will also attempt to NOT be wearing that brown shirt.

Karaoke again tonight at GKII - I shall try not to be too late but leave a light on just in case!

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