Saturday, July 30, 2011

If that was my birthday I had it

Robin organised a little soiree at Dwarikas hotel last night for the Friday night barbecue buffet. There was us two, Puru my Nepali brother, Uttam my Nepali boyfriend, Toni who just finished the full traverse of the GHT and was flying to China today, our old mate Jamie, and Susan and Satish to lend an air of decorum. We had a thoroughly splendid meal, with cocktails, wine, bubbly and a magnificent chocolate mud cake. Then it got silly. I decided we would have a game of stick ball (pool to those of you with a misspent youth) between Aussie passport holders and the rest of the world. So it was Susan, Robin and I versus England (Toni), New Zealand (Jamie), India (Satish), and Nepal (Uttam and Puru). It was a showcase of appalling aiming but luckily none of us ripped the felt, although the white ball did go down once or twice thanks to her Excellency and the New Zealand player. Neither Satish or Puru had picked up a pool cue before so they can feel rather pleased with themselves. In the end Australia won, with the birthday girl sinking 3 including the black. Great effort but I still ache from laughing.Then 5 of us plus driver piled back into the small car we had and whizzed back to Thamel for a refeshing ale on the balcony before bed.
My appointment at Tilganga was postponed till this Monday so I am still unsure how much longer I will be waiting for the op.
And of course, in whacky news from Nepal, this one caught everyone's eye yesterday: "Prime Minister wading through labyrinth". And just when you were wondering how exactly one wades through a labyrinth, we were informed that he was also "on the horns of a dilemma". So clearly, even though he was wading his feet weren't getting wet. Because he was on those horns. Uttam reckons the journalists currently employed at the Kathmandu Post which boasted that marvellous article must surely be the incompetent ones from the world's worst newspaper, the Rising Nepal. Hopefully we can look forward to more of the same.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back in the 'du

Greetings from soggy mouldy Kathmandu, where even the old palace walls have slime dribbling down them. Charming. And I am struggling to get my laundry dry. But I am happy to report that finally I am properly warm for the first time since March.
I managed to get away with 38 kilos of luggage on Monday and then hopped on an almost full flight (thanks no doubt to the wonderful exchange rate) to Bangkok. In contrast the flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu was only about a third full and I managed to be first in the Immigration queue to collect my visa. The wait for my luggage was considerably longer, and of course it wobbled all over the place on my crappy trolley.
And despite my dreadful eyesight I managed to spot Robin before I crashed into him. Since then it has been a whirlwind of people visiting (and Toni who just completed the full traverse of the GHT is staying across the hall from us so I've been spending time with her)  and getting stuff organised. Like a much overdue visit to Miss Juni's hairdo emporium. Today I was meant to be off to the eye hospital but Dr Ruit is on holiday so I have to wait till Monday for that treat.
There's not too many people around at the moment as monsoon isn't a good time to do much in Nepal (except perhaps wade through skanky water and feel mouldy) so we have been able to devote some time to the business of GHT. Robin is currently chatting to Hauser, a big German trekking company, about them running GHT trips.
Oh look the sun just came out - how fabulous!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


That's how I feel. A hectic final week at work, the most god awful wind and rain all week, Robin losing his Aussie SIM card which meant I had to fart around getting him a replacement when I'm not 'authorised' on his account and all the other last minute crap that happens every blasted time.
Had a splendid last day at work - went out for lunch and then had a silly late afternoon when somebody misheard me saying that one should be careful on boats in wet weather as you could slip on the deck. Need I say more. And somehow it was my fault. Of course. Can you spot the spello on my present?
And just look at the lovely present I got
So today has been a mad rush hither and thither buying a few last minute things in the village of the damned (well that's how it felt!) and getting some free snags and snog from the butcher. Traffic jam to go see mum, tonight's rugby viewing and barbecue plans have changed about 10 times and I am over it. Oh and puss decided to teach me a lesson this morning by peeing on the blanket and doona. Great. It's been such excellent weather for drying laundry.
On a positive note, looks like I will get all my packing into 2 large bags which combined will weigh about 30kg.
Somewhere on planet earth the sun is over the yardarm.
Cheers x

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wish I had webbed feet

Which will also come in handy for Kathmandu in monsoon next week. At least it will be warm. Because I am really OVER being cold. But I think I already mentioned that.
Must tell you, my ensemble for today (considering that it had been bucketing down all night) was: nice Sportscraft purple silk shirt, cardy from Derjeeling, Fairydown Goretex jacket, Mountain Hardwear Goretex overpants (work trousers in handbag), $350 black leather boots. My goodness didn't I look fabulous! Well at least I didn't have wet flappy trousers all day.
Robin is busy helping organise the GHT reception in Katty tomorrow - Toni and Greg made it the whole way (and well done them). Have YOU thought about having a go at some or all of it yet? I don't need to - I already have!
Well only 2 more work days. Wow. Weird. Kaz (who owns the job I've been doing) came in today for the 1st time since she went off to have cute baby Roman. It was a rather weird day - I felt like I was sitting in 'her chair' etc - when it's where I've been for 6 months! Such is the life of a temp. Good thing we are both wonderful humans who can deal with such things. I am very lucky that the boys at work are taking us all out for lunch on Friday - so I only have one more packed lunch to make: cheese and vegemite sandwich, fruit juice and some Shortbread Cream biccies for playlunch. Whacko. I live on the edge. Permanently.
I'm off to the fridge.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Countdown to Katty

This time next week I'll be enjoying the inflight service on THAI winging my way to Brave Sir Robin. Wow that 5 and a half months has gone FAST. And have I achieved what I intended? Yes and no. I haven't done some of the 'house' jobs, but I have managed, I think, to do a damn fine job at the office. Considering how long it has been since I had to run a department and supervise staff (admittedly a whole lot less people now than I used to be in charge of) I am pretty pleased with it all. I hope the employer is too. So, only 4 more days before looming unemployment. Better get those bills paid!
The GHT trekkers with World Expedition are within a whisker of completing the whole thing. Wow. 157 days. Well done. It will be interesting to see how many people sign up next year with World Ex for it. Robin is busy helping to organise the fancy reception at the Radisson in the 'du on Thursday. He arrived back in Nepal on Friday and has been on the go ever since.
I'm relaxing and enjoying my last chance to watch The Amazing Race Australia... go the farmers! I'm gonna have to die wondering who wins Masterchef. What other garbage can I find to watch I wonder?
Speaking of which, how odd that His Holiness was on Masterchef last night - not sure what that was all about. Don't think he was either.
Last week I had a pyjama party of sorts. Greg came over to help cut down some frangipani and cut back the bougainvillea and have a wonderful curry and a sleepover. Some helpful soul at work suggested I could bring some offcuts of the frangipani into work to share. So on Thursday I gathered up half a tree, stuck it in some plastic bags and boarded the peak hour train - much to the delight/horror of other commuters. As I was a the bottom of the escalator in town waiting for a gap to jump on, the kind soul from work spotted my branches and started cackling. Loudly. In public. Thanks Jonelle for drawing even more attention to me. But hey, the cuttings went to lots of new homes and I hope they give much pleasure. And I looked like a dork. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the Australia vs Samoa rugby yesterday - the Samoan tries were so jolly, especially the first one which STILL makes me smile when I watched it. I'm jealous of Peter who was sitting among the Samoans there yesterday.
Saw the aged parent on Saturday - she was complaining that the stuff on telly is always the same so I asked her to show me how that worked and she turned on the radio and stared at the blank TV screen. Oh dear.
Well I'm off to enjoy another splendid glass of wine while I still can. Gonna take some over to her excellence Susan so we can enjoy it together. Already booked in for lunch, assuming I don't have my eye operation on 2nd August. Fingers crossed.
Bye for now

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super Rugby result

Wow what a great game - did you see it? I love Digby Ioane.
And Manu just won Dancing with the Stars! It's wonderful to see somebody just having so much fun. If only I could pick winners for money... And if only someone uploads his "Last Dance' on youtube...
Another busy week with work and a round of medical visits pre departure - all the usual girly yearly service things. Don't ask.
It has been blowing a gale all week in Sydney and I am relieved that I do not possess a hairdo. Or wear skirts in winter. Or live in a tent. The bloody house has been cold enough. And the wind makes Mrs Puss run up and own the house like a possessed fool. Which of course is somewhat annoying if I happen to be wandering through with a Ming vase or a bowl of hot soup. Highly likely in this weather - the soup not the Ming vase.
Only 2 more weekends.. and so many things to do. Like get organised, save a few thousand bucks (not a hope in hell), lose some kilos (as if), get a new back fence, a stereo for the car, retile the bathroom and finish reorganising what passes for the bookshelves. So what I am doing sitting around relaxing? Just that, relaxing. Because I deserve it.
I heard from Robin during the week (bit of a surprise - lucky the boyfriend wasn't around!) he got back to Leh quicker than anticipated but was heading off for somewhere or other for a few days. Tomorrow he heads to Delhi for a few days before going back to Katty to wait for me and get a haircut. Or something.
Did I mention I'm bored with being cold? Oh I did...sorry.
Neal just got back from camping in the snow with Lady Rhonda to test the gear she and I bought recently - a screaming success by all accounts. And my other neighbours Steve and Netty headed down to the snow today for a week. Mad.
Looks like I'm gonna miss the end of Amazing Race Australia - which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Robin would be appalled at the stuff I've been watching while he isn't here to complain. C'mon I work hard and deserve to zone out and have a laugh - which is what I do every Monday with the race - I just love Dave and Kel and the farmers - they crack me up. Remind me of some of my relos...Gotta love blokes who talk without opening their mouth in case flies get in. I adore their senses of humour (or is that sense of humours??).
I hope Kaz (whose job I'm doing now) has been paying attention to the Race and Masterchef as Soula (my next door neighbour at work) and I dissect the results after every show. If not, she'd better start watching NOW.
Right then, have a great week.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 weeks to go!

How did it get here so quickly? My single life will soon be over! Which is going to be very very strange. For 5 months now I've been able, within reason, to do whatever I want whenever I felt like it - really exciting things like staying up late watching garbage on the telly, eating stupid things for dinner and doing laundry at all hours. Ah well....But of course I will get to see Brave Sir Robin after such a long time. Well when I say see I don't really mean see, because my eyesight is getting so poor now. I'll be relying on him to spot me at the airport when I arrive. I hope I find the right man...
It was another busy week at work, with the mad rush for the end of financial year. I think our figures were pretty good so I'm happy about that, and soon Kaz will be back to take the reins and work her magic. Not sure if there will be a job for me there when we get back from Nepal - it's a bad time of year to be looking for work then too which is unfortunate.
This week I have a bunch of medical appointments (always have lots of those just before leaving) and on Saturday the finals of the Super Rugby - go the Queensland Reds! They played very well last night to beat the Auckland Blues, and now have to play the Christchurch Crusaders.
For some reason last night, after we had watched the rugby, our host decided to put Carry on up the Khyber on for us to enjoy (and he promptly dozed off in the beanbag). What a stupid movie (but we all laughed at Private Widdle, Bungeditin and the 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment). And so unPC.
Meanwhile Robin is heading for Leh by the look of things. He expects to be back there in a week then back to Delhi for a few days.
This afternoon our Nepali niece and her husband came for a barbie. Neal got to be the barbie meister with help from Pallav, while Rhonda, Yashu and I sat round talking. Snags, corn, bread and individual pavs. Doesn't get any better than that.