Monday, May 17, 2010

If that was a weekend I've had it!

And in future I must try to get to bed a little earlier. Benningans was packed on Saturday night - there were even a few other non locals there. One big guy called Ben did the most hilarious version of Backstreet Boys I've ever seen. I'm still not convinced about 2 guys singing Britney but what the hell! Got to bed about 2.30 from that escapade after I got home and did a spot of laundry (yes stop laughing). Sunday was spent lazing and reading the paper till it was time to go to the hair do emporium - only 5 minutes walk but I thought I would melt anyway. Oddly enough there weren't many other people wandering around! After a lunch treat at the cafe I bought a squillion magaines and wandered home just before sir rang. He hadn't actually gone anywhere yesterday (except back to the hot springs) because the horsemen refused to go on, and so they wasted most of the day using up phone $$ getting them to agree after being instructed, to go for another 2 days. This all sounds so fabulously irritating.
So last night I was off to Ice Lounge - I was advised in the morning that the driver would be around so I had a shower and got dressed and came downstairs only to be met with the now familiar blank stares. I had to call the dodgy cab company twice before a vehicle came - a minibus with not only no a/c but no suspension either. Now that's what I call torture. But it was cheap!!! I avoided the microphone (just) despite repeated requests (what is WRONG with these people??) but didn't avoid the dance floor after karaoke. It's been a while between discos for me.
Oh and I watched Australia get done in the T20 as well, so now I owe Manish 5 rupees. Better pay up before I try to leave town tomorrow.
So today, as it is my last here, I think I'll hang at the pool then I have a dinner date which I can tell you all about tomorrow! If there is any power in Kathmandu.
Here's why there mightn't be!

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