Tuesday, June 1, 2010

and then there was electricity

I have no idea if it is because the Constituent Assembly voted themselves in for another year, but our load shedding has been slashed to only 6 hours a day. BLISS.
Sunday lunch at the club with Sarah was terrific - such a lot of food and so cheap, and sitting in the garden away from the mayhem outside is always a delight. Then I checked out my outrageous wedding clobber at the tailors and I've gotta say contrary to all expectations they did a fantastic job - head for Fashion Mantra opposite the former palace if you want something special.
Since then it's been pool and internetwerke, except today when I got to see my friend Ilse who is on the reflexology blog I'm linked to. She is back in town for a while and did me a great favour by giving me a treatment today - I think she has managed to get rid of the headache I've had for  a week now. So a big hug and thanks to Ilse. By the way, Markus says namaste.
The climbers have just about all left now, so it is just us regulars and the youngsters who come here on gap years (whatever they are) - we had a good laugh about the 'school bus' turning up tonight at the bar!
I have somehow managed to delete the operating software or something for photoshop on my laptop (I have NO IDEA how) so I can't smallerise any more pics just now, so I will have to put some old ones up. Sorry.
Robin has been busy going over passes every day, and no the weather has not improved, but he is almost at the end of the Bhutan mission. It seems strange to say that I will see him next week. Has it been that long already?
It seems that the monsoon is imminent, and I have checked my brolly to ensure it works, and have my monsoon chappals at the ready!
The doctor I told you about last week still hasn't appeared, so it seems that the 'investigation' wasn't much chop! No surprise there.

Wow that worked! That's the 'bar delivery' box of a Chicken Roll from Crazy Burger that I had the other evening. I just love the crossed plastic knife and fork sticky taped into the box. And yes it was OK and no I didn't get sick!

Right I'm off to do a late night weather report ( it's 11.30pm now) and hit the sack. Mito sapanaa.

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