Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Misfits and Idiots

Not quite sure which category this fellow fits! Anyway, Robin came up with the notion that Kathmandu in particular is full of misfits and idiots at this time of the year. Says a lot for us doesn't it! it isn't trekking season, the weather is stinking, the water is brown (if you can get any) and the salads come with amoeba dressing.
But it is good to see that locals are recycling the water bottles in new and interesting ways.
Thamel is awash with World Cup experts and we are managing to avoid most of them since we have  almost less than no interest in the World Cup. Everywhere you go there are people glued to the telly - even the tiny book shop round the corner has a telly, and the shopkeepers from even tinier shops around that don't have telly all stand around outside watching. It all seems very strange.
The newlyweds visited us yesterday with an invitation to a reception at his parents place this Friday, which clashes with one of our Embassy functions. So I guess we will be doing a lot of running around that night. At least we might escape the blasted football.
Excitement in the street yesterday when some powerlines across the street blew up rather spectacularly in a shower of sparks and with sufficient noise to get everyone out of their places and hanging over balconies. Luckily somebody yelled at them to turn off the electricity before they started throwing buckets of water! And just up the road someone banged into a supposedly safe cable and ended up in hospital with burns.
Well, we're off for Robin's reflexology now so more later!

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