Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from Bhutan

Well here we are back together again in crazy Katty. The trip to Bhutan was certainly eventful - especially the bit where I got to Katty airport at 8am for the 11am flight which NO LONGER EXISTS. ha ha too funny NOT. Nobody in Nepal knew anything so I had to call Bhutan to find out that Druk had changed their flight schedule but didn't bother to tell anyone - except I guess the pilots! So I had to wait till 1pm to actually leave the country - the first time I've had an international flight in a prop plane. Great views of the Himalaya.
So then I arrived in paro and ended up grabbing the wrong bag....
It was great to see Robin again and notwithstanding the cuisine I thought that Bhutan was pretty good. Although we didn't have much 'free time' we got to see all the stuff I had always wanted to see and the weather was fine - in fact since I turned up there was no rain at all, much to Robin's delight.
I don't think I'd ever seen so many flowers in one place, and the valleys were a delicious green with all the rice growing. The forests are fantastic and the buildings are definitely photogenic. But I felt like I was in Munchkin land - almost everyone was a good 10cm shorter than me and I spent a lot of time ducking! The Bhutanese food in Bhutan is better than the Bhutanese food in Katty, but I still wouldn't rave about it.
 The famous and very large Punakha Dzong. At least it didn't involve too much climbing like going to the Tigers Nest monastery in Paro. Yes I did make it all the way up and it was HOT. My camera gave up so you will have to wait for photos from Robin's camera.
When we got back here yesterday we got some bad news about a friend, Joel. He worked with our mate Jamie and was leading a bicycle tour through Ladakh when he had a heart attack and died. The place just won't be same without him.
Well it's time I finished breakfast and let Robin have a go at the computer. See you soon.

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