Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blast the World Cup

I'm sure that because everyone in Nepal is watching the World Cup our load shedding hours have GONE UP. Disgraceful.Thank goodness Sam's seems to be the only place in Thamel that isn't showing the soccer, so we can go there and enjoy a relatively quiet drink - except for the cheering from across the street.
Robin thinks that there is a plot by the Nepal Electricity Authority to switch off the power just when there is about 15 minutes to go in a game. I would not be surprised.
So what is happening in the 'du? Well life is fairly quiet in general, except for the people across the road knocking a couple of floors down - and it's after 9.30 pm. They should nick off and watch the soccer.
Robin had a wonderful reflexology treatment from Ilse the other day, and we had a go at packing up some stuff to leave here, complete with Excel spreadsheet inventory. Let's see how accurate THAT is when we get home and I can't find something.
Yesterday was Billi's birthday so we all met at Sam's for drinks, which went on a bit, before heading out for Italian. It was an eclectic bunch, and I think the quote of the night has to go to Caroline, who was talking about a person here who shall remain nameless, but has "an amazing capacity to tolerate incompetence". Which is pretty handy here if you have to deal with NGOs. I say no more.
Excitement is building for the wedding on Sunday - I collected my outfit today and then discovered that our presence is required at the Swoyambhu Party Palace from 8 am Sunday - and me dressed in sequins looking like something that has been stuck on top of an Xmas tree! That should be a sight for sore eyes.
God, now the dog across the road is playing on the cement roof with his tin can - ghastly noise.
My excellent news is that I got my temp job back for a month or so which means at least I can pay some bills and eat. So the email order I sent the butcher for sausages and bacon will be OK!
Everyone is thinking the monsoon might have started as the weather has been really cloudy and muggy, but the heavy rain just hasn't come, only an annoying pizzle. Not enough to even break out the brolly.

Here's a photo of a sweet old dear in Thimphu at a temple.

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