Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time for a new country

That's right, tomorrow I go to my first new country in years, Bhutan, to meet brave sir Robin (who should actually be renamed dripping wet sir Robin). It will be lovely to meet up again after such a long time. The last 4 or 5 days he's had no views, unappealing campsites and walking along roads to add to the joy of the almost constant rain (which I might add is forecast to stop tomorrow). Hopefully I won't have to sit on my luggage outside Paro airport for too long waiting for them to emerge from the trail, bouncing along in a car that will undoubtedly have no legroom and be full of equipment. And of course Robin will be hairy and smelly. What a treat!
So what else has been happening. Well the big mystery of Thamel at the moment is where is Verena, who is usually behind the bar at Sams. She hasn't been spotted since Saturday evening and the word is she is either having a shopping trip to Bangkok, has run away to the circus, or having a beach holiday. Probably none of them are true.
And after I wrote on Sunday I started to go downhill rapidly - so much so that  could barely walk. I made it out for one drink (which as anyone who knows me will tell you indicates that I was probably only seconds away from death) and a quick snack before being back home BEFORE 8pm. At least I got to watch the French Open men's final.
We've had not a drop of rain since Friday and it is becoming stifling in town. No breeze, no rain, no relief although the met office confidently predicts that the weather will change tomorrow. Yeah right.You're better off trusting the priests zany predictions.
Looking at the itinerary I finally got for Bhutan it seems I can anticipate lots of monasteries, handicraft centres and museums. Oh joy. And of course the food as featured recently in this blog. In fact, I am passing on a birthday party tonight because it is going to the restaurant here that serves the weird cheese curry thing.
All of the wedding invitations are finally done, now they just need to be delivered.
I don't expect to be in touch in Bhutan so you will just have to wait till next week to hear all about it.

This is why it takes so long to get anywhere in this crazee place.

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