Friday, June 4, 2010

Invasion of the Bone Harry Highpants Brigade

Yep it's that time of year again when the oldies arrive. I don't know where they have come from, and I have no idea where they are going but they are here every June in their sensible bone slacks (nicely pressed) and travel shirts. The ladies always wear make up and the men are clean shaven, They are so annoyingly perfect! And I think they are trying to recruit me. I keep being approached by them in restaurants where they point at my meal and say "is that nice?' or 'do you ever get sick from eating here?' I've told Robin that if I ever admire a pair of bone slacks and say something like 'oh dear, don't they look serviceable.' he is to shoot me without further ado. And don't get me started on Crimplene.
So apart from the scary slacks people, I have been busy swimming and networking, I guess you could call it. We've had a fair bit of rain, though probably not as much as Robin, and it looks like it will start again soon. It's really bad when you get trapped by a downpour in a bar!

Oh I have been busy sticking invitations into envelopes - it isn't as easy as it sounds as they are stupid shaped.

The gold thing is Ganesh, the elephant headed god, who is the symbol of weddings.

Robin is having an enforced day off today as they had to wait for fresh horses which were in the middle of a delivery to a village further away, so he went to the gompa which was closed and nobody had the key, the post office which was also closed (though frankly what he was planning to do in there I can't imagine) and then went to the school where he found some kiddies to give one of his magnificently interesting geography lessons to.
No hot water at the hotel today as the boiler blew up. In order to fix that they also had to disconnect the wireless so I am out at Chops in Mandala Street - a Korean place that does great milkshakes and is currently playing Layla. Very pleasant.
Did I show you the garden at the hotel where I go for a swim?

Enjoy the weekend

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