Wednesday, June 2, 2010

massacre anniversary

hard to believe it's 9 years since the Crown Prince Dipendra went nuts and shot his family. And it seems that so many things in this country went downhill after that. The King of Nepal was considered a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, and to have a reincarnation of a god shot by his son just didn't make sense to most people. Still doesn't. The conspiracy theories are still flying around. It's Nepal's much bigger version of Princess Di.

Our niece of about to get married fame is studying IELTS so I have been helping her. In preference to enrolling her in this place:

Meanwhile, the fruit and veg men are offering fabulous streetside bargains on tomatoes, mangoes and delicious litchis right now. Very hard to resist. And I haven't told you about the newspaper seller in the street. He is I think what might have been called 'simple'. Anyway, he rides his bicycle and brandishes the Nepali language papers, and gives a hilarious commentary on the big news items. Like' Those stupid b@stards on the hill are fighting again. I didn't vote for them. Did you?' or 'Shorty told the Big B where to go.'. I love to hear the locals laughing out loud as they rush to buy the papers. Shame I don't understand more Nepali.
And speaking of which, I have graduated from the Secure Facility in Delhi to the sheltered workshop in Katty. There are 600 wedding invitations to be addressed in Nepali. Since I can't do that, I get to stick the invitation in the envelope. 600 times. Oh dear!

Perhaps I will need to eat some of this: Spicy Instant Fish. What?

Robin had a short day today as they got over the pass in cloudy weather but as I predicted no rain or snow on them. They found a lovely grassy campsite with a not ice cold river to wash in but as I was talking to him he said that snow was falling at the end of the valley. I think he must be at Chebisa but he said they were at Shakya Kharka which I can't find on my map. I do know they are just north of Jhomolhari Base Camp. Anyway, it's all good except for his sore knee, toothache at altitude, broken boot laces - don't ask me why he doesn't carry spares - it isn't like they take up much room.
Oh here comes the hot wind - lovely! It's good for drying my swimmers on the balcony and that's about it really!
Today the deadline issued by the Maoists for the PM MR MK Nepal to resign expires. We all know that the PM is firmly glued to his Pm seat so we shall see later today or perhaps tomorrow what is in store for us. Probably nothing as doing nothing about anything seems to be popular right now.

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