Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another fun weekend...

First off was drinkies in Sam's - had some business to discuss about maps on behalf of Robin. Can't say more right now but if you know robin you know how important maps are.
Had a BIG storm early in the evening - good thing I was safe in Sam's.  Oh, got approached by a drunken old Nepali man who took a fancy to me, especially when I told him I was princess Mary of Denmark. I don't know why I did that. So I ran away for dinner and when I got back he was gone.
Was back home later that night when a HUGE storm blew in and rained all over my bed (which is in the middle of the room) so there I was at midnight trying to mop up and most importantly close the windows which had been blown wide open. I was pretty soaked by the end of that escapade.
Yesterday was World Environment Day and as I left the hotel I got stuck in a demonstration of Clean Up Thamel people, who were picking up rubbish, and spreading white powder around. DDT, cocaine, or explosive? I have no idea.
I like Saturday in Thamel- it's quiet because everyone is hungover! Maybe they need some of this! And doesn't the pot plant look healthy! This is the front of Crazy Burger, where I got a meal last week. It is actually not too bad.
The plans for next week's trip to Bhutan keep changing - so much that it is almost sending me batty. Now looks like Robin will meet me at the airport as he finishes his trek that morning, and we will all go together to Thimphu. Or not. Stay tuned for updates. So once again I have to start packing some clothes (remembering to take stuff for cool weather and torrential rain) and I'd better remember the dehy and a bit of cheese and some rum.
Today I had another reflexology treatment from my friend Ilse. We were kept entertained by the constant chattering of her little boy Dominic - who is cute as a button (whatever that means). So I am just relaxing for the moment and under her instructions I am only allowed to walk as far as Sam's tonight and maybe across the road from there to Mandap for some Indian food. Guess I'd better do as I'm told.
Oh no, Star World telly here is just about to air one of the most god awful programmes. I remember when it came on in summer no ratings season back home years ago. VIP starring the overly gifted Pamela Anderson and a bunch of bimbos in some sort of security firm. Dreadful acting (can you believe it), shorts that stop before they start, and way too much lurex and lycra. And I especially love chicks in high heels and shorts running while holding out a gun and yelling "Stop or I'll shoot." Excellent entertainment.
Sunday night is Book Club at Sams' - well I think it is just a ruse for some people to get out of the house and have a drink, but everyone in the small group exchanges books.
I'd better go now and rescue my laundry from the inevitable storm.

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