Monday, June 21, 2010

OMG it's Wedding Season

On Friday morning I went off to Miss Junie's Hairdo Emporium for a quick colour to discover that there were already about a dozen bibis there getting their hair wedding-ised - a sort of bun on the side affair with dangly bits. Of course they were horrified when they heard someone with such short hair was off to a wedding in a few days! Anyway, got that done and even managed to fit in a swim that afternoon.
Saturday was taken up with a round of social visits around the valley before meeting up with an old mate and heading to a pub with no air and white vinyl seats - how delightful in the monsoon humidity!
So yesterday we had to be at the Party Palace by 8am. UP at 6.30 for a shower and a bite to eat before installing myself in the Christmas fairy outfit. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I was already hot, and felt like a right wally standing out the front of the hotel waiting for the car to arrive. Once inside the PP we were met with a ceremony that was mystifying to say the least. At one end, on the concrete floor, was constructed a large grassy canopy thing with tinsel all around it and a fire in the middle. The bride was sitting there with some priests getting what we figure was some sort of purification thingy. The groom eventually arrived and there was some more strange stuff, including something with twigs and an umbrella (folding). We ran into a whole bunch of people from the village of Jamrung, where the family originally hails from, and had a good old gossip. When the dal bhat buffet appeared we got a leave pass and headed to the British Club for lunch before going back for the rest of the fun. The place was a sea of sequins and georgette (so lovely in this weather) and it seemed like a good time was had by all.
And of course as the bride disappeared off into the Ring Road traffic jam in a flower bedecked car, mum lost it completely and had to be helped into the minibus sobbing her little head off. At 5pm we finally made it home where I managed to extricate myself from the sweaty sequinned affair and went out for several well earned drinks.
Here's some photos for you:

Me and the happy couple!

And here's Robin with the kids we've watched grow up for 15 or so years.

Happy Days!

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