Monday, April 5, 2010

News at last

I finally had a 23 second conversation with Robin this morning and can report that he made it to Tuting, the starting point of his trek. Better late than never. I got a few text messages yesterday but couldn't call him back, and I suspect he didn't get my messages. And I thought the phone system in Nepal was crappy! So anyway I was at the pool today relaxing in the sun when he called me and said that I should call him back. I pointed out that I had been trying to do that since yesterday, he said well just keep trying and hung up. MEN. So I tried, and got through once when he was busy chatting to someone about the material in some sleeping bag or something, and he told me that the locals were surprised to see him then the phone cut out. I tried a few more times but was getting so cross with him that I went for a swim. Twice. I mean really - he knows how difficult it is to get thru, why not just stay on the line and STOP TALKING TO SOMEONE ELSE. MEN - oh I already said that.
So, it was 41 under the sun umbrella at the pool this morning, and about -72 in the water! I am enjoying the swimming very much and it is lovely to lie in the sun and feel it tingling my skin.
Yesterday Carmen and I went to Lal ghat or something local market and had a hilarious time laughing at the items on offer - the silver stretchy slacks were particularly delightful. We did however buy a shower curtain for my room - well 2 in fact which were in the same packet but are different lengths. And some cheese balls and pomegranates.
Speaking of cheese, the maid Benita just brought me grilled Bega cheese on toast for lunch. YUM. Double yum!
Fluff ball Hydra is responding well to combing, and speaking of which it is time for me to locate a hair emporium locally as I am starting to look worse than the cat.
Last night we dined out at a place called Chic Fish (my 3rd meal there since I arrived). Absolutely delicious food and good value too.
I've been enjoying the IPL cricket the last few evenings. I'd love to go but since I don't really have anyone to go with I will just have to watch it on telly.
Time to DO something......

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