Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Hindu/Sikh/Nepali New Year

I think we're up to 2067 from tomorrow - oh dear I feel old!
Here's some good luck charms for you all....You can see why I had trouble deciding which one to purchase.
The weather is still HOT HOT HOT here and people have started keeling over from it all over the place.
After the excitement of going to the 1911 bar at the Imperial on Sunday night for dinner and drinks with friends, I stayed in most of Monday as I was booked to go to a presentation by the Himalaya Club here in Delhi, by a chap called Tom Davenport who skied Antarctica. He looked like quite a normal man! It was a very entertaining programme, and I was very surprised that there seemed to be about 90 or so people there for a Monday night in Delhi. The organiser, Maninder Kohli, was very impressed with the turn up.
Afterwards, Harry of train museum fame and I went to AI, a Japanese restaurant which just won the Best Japanese restaurant in Delhi award. I know, I hate fish, rice and seaweed, but the food was lovely. And don't even ask me about the sorbet. I'll show you some photos later. If you behave.
Then I got home and went to bed and was woken about 2am by my air conditioner giving up the ghost. LOUDLY. The ceiling fan was really hopeless and noisy so I gave up and tried to get in downstairs - it is a complex arrangement here in the Gated Village. I was so tired I couldn't get in so ended up sprawled on the outside furniture under a fan (thank god many Indian places have a fan on the verandah). The maid person thought it was pretty funny.
Did some laps as penance then headed off to Khan market for some retail therapy. I feel much better now.
Hey I didn't tell you that last Sunday night I saw a camel on the ring road. What is it about Sunday nights and wild animals on the road - well I don't think it was actually wild but you know what I mean.
And yesterday there was a plush a/c bus with about 10 girls in lycra shorts (a sporting team no doubt) 'speeding' along the main drag, with a police escort which would not let ANYBODY go past, when they had to screech to a halt for the world's HUGEST bullock. The horns were about 2 metres each. Very impressive and a good laugh for those of us stuck behind the world's slowest speeding bus.
Poor old Robin is back in Along again, (didn't Gilbert O'Sullivan do a song called that? That's right, Alone Again Naturally). Ah the jokes just keep improving. Robin is looking forward to another road trip tomorrow, but says that in Menchuka/Machuka whatever it's called the locals we able to give him a lot of insight into the problems Indian Himalayan villagers are facing - such as rapid loss of village life and tribal customs. Tomorrow they head to Deporijo then somewhere else I didn't catch. So while it isn't much of a 'trekking trip' it is useful for anthropological and other information.
OK, so Sania and Shoaib had to get married because the mullah said they couldn't be in the same house without being married. What a hoo haa. I wonder what will be the next big thing. IPL cricket I bet.
Here's some pictures from last night's yummy Japanese feed:


  1. and it tasted good too - mango, orange, and 3 japanese flavoured ones - if you know what I mean! One was quite lemony, but I think it was some kind of Japanese leaf. Anyway, just the thing for a hot evening.