Saturday, April 10, 2010

Radiation Panic in capital!

Well that's what the news said anyway - I seem to have missed a golden opportunity to run around screaming! A hospital waste place had a cobalt 265 or something leak (for about a week) before the guy working there noticed his hair had fallen out and he had gone a strange colour. And the first doctor he consulted when he started to feel unwell thought he had a virus. Poor buqqer is now in hospital fighting for his life.
Hey, an update on the Havells ad with the hangman I told you about the other day. Thanks to Manish for clearing this up. The ad is along the lines of 'hanging people is bad karma, but you can do good with a Havells energy efficient light bulb'. I think that is even weirder than what I originally thought the ad was about. I wonder how many countries could get away with an ad like that.
So yesterday got off to a flying start with me putting Odomos mosquito repellent cream on my toothbrush - so my teeth will not get dengue fever. I am so glad about that. Then Carmen and I went off to Khan market to collect some things, like my shirt that the tailor was whipping up for me (as I told you last week) and what a great job he did too. So I have now deposited the rest of my material with him for some more shirts - he isn't the cheapest guy around but his work is very good. And super news on the Suunto watch - I found a watch man in Khan market (Stop and Shop I think the cubby hole was called) who managed to fix my busted watch strap in the time it took me to drink a cup of tea - and the price was 'as you like madame'. If you need a good watchmaker chap head to the lane in between the main street and the parking area in Khan market. He also sells belts, bags and ties - the shop is red.
Then I got a call from Robin, much to my surprise. He was back in Along, as the places they had thought they would be able to trek were being dug up for roads. So they were going to go to Machuka and have a few day walks. He was quite tired from all the road trips, and was looking forward to a shave and a decent feed - maybe even a shower. He managed to get a bit of good weather for photography too.
I got an invitation to dinner tonight from Maninder Kohli, son of Harish Kohli who was part of the Indian Army expedition which did a trans Himalayan trip in 1980. That should be interesting as I believe we are dining at the house of an Australian woman who is working on the Delhi Commonwealth Games.
Then last night I met Manish at 1 Cafe in Saket for a bit of a Friday night out. The place was packed with people who were probably half our age....And even though it is a karaoke joint I refrained - I didn't think I was up for Vanilla Ice or 50 Cent! I think Harry's on Wednesday is more my style. Whatever that style is.
So this morning it's a bit of internetverke while Carmen head out to get some stuff for the house, then I'll get the driver to take me to the pool, which luckily has reopened after a new filtration and cleaning system was installed. The Met Office says that April will be super hot, it has already been 40 for a few days and will only get hotter. Brain boiling!
And in Shoaib/Sania news (now they are called SHOANIA) one can purchase, for a very reasonable sum I am sure, a souvenir cricket bat with their photos on it. Lovely!
Enjoy the weekend and go the Tahs!

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