Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Yes, ANOTHER lazy day! It's too hot to do much else really.
Yesterday started with a swim (and very good it was too) followed by chatting to Robin on the phone and watching the Tahs get beaten. But only just..
Robin was in Machuka and had been promised that they could get roast chicken for dinner, instead of sardines and rice which I gather they had been eating for a few days. mmm nice! I found out this morning that they couldn't, and he got sardines and rice again.. They have been chatting to the army trying to find out where they can go, but the army boys are all new and really have no idea. But the locals have given them some ideas, and tomorrow they are off to the gompa for a look around.Then they are driving down to somewhere starting with D and up to somewhere else....
I had a very delightful evening out with Maninder and his wife Sharmila, at the home of the Sports and Marketing lady for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Susan and her partner Rajiv were charming hosts and I really enjoyed having Aussie white wine and some spicy prawns.
This morning I managed to squirt Odomos on my toothbrush AGAIN - what a dimwit! Had a rather lovely swim before coming back at lunchtime and falling asleep.
This is the first time I have been in Delhi in the hot weather, and I think it rather suits the place. There's LOTS of trees and lovely parks, and it suits the Indians I feel to be lazing around, drinking cold water from the 1 rupee 'refrigerated water trolley' (also known as malaria on wheels), gossiping and waiting for the weather to cool before doing too much work - unless they absolutely have to of course.
In today's news: a local chap got shot by some people last weekend, and survived. He got out of hospital and was on the back of a motorbike yesterday when he got shot again. This time he died. 
Here's a photo of Hydra the big cat:
who has not won any friends the last few days as she has been throwing up in Carmen's room.
Anyway, I think I might wander up to the local shop (if I can find my way there) and buy a few nibbles, and maybe some rum and coke. Even though respectable ladies don't go into the bottle - oh here.
Last night Susan told me that in Gurgaon (a satellite city next to Delhi) she saw a great big yellow sign "Government approved drinking place" outside a Government wine and beer shop (as they are called here). Might go see if I can find one of those!

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