Monday, April 5, 2010

The exciting news in India....

Well of course I have omitted to keep you up to date on the BIG news story of the last week or so in India - the impending marriage of Indian tennis star Sania Mirza to ‘disgraced’ Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. It’s not the disgraced bit that is the problem. It’s a rather plump young lady in Hyderabad, who may be called Ayesha or Maha. It seems that this Ayesha person contacted him when he was playing in 2002 or so ( I think, it is all so confusing), saying she was a fan and worked as a teacher in Saudi Arabia. Anyway, she sent him photos of a girl she claimed was her, and then somehow arranged a telephone marriage without ever having met him. So she claims. Shoaib says the signature on the marriage papers is forged, and anyway the girl lied about who she was and what she looked like, and he has never met her. I have just been enjoying the first interview with Sania and Shoaib after they emerged from the Hyderabad police station, as the other woman’s parents have filed an FIR (something complaint I guess). Oh and the Ayesha woman claims he got her pregnant and she miscarried and he didn’t care. She may well have medical evidence that she had a miscarriage, but I wonder how she will prove who the father was… Anyway.....
The press are shouting about 100 questions at once, in various languages, and the poor sods can’t get a word in edgeways. It is all very gripping.
It now transpires that Shoaib is saying the woman in the photos he was sent is a decent married woman so he will not reveal them to the press, in deference to her position, as he says she may not even know that the Ayesha woman sent them to him. Gawd, this is better than the Bold and the Beautiful! The days until their wedding on 15 April will be fun filled or viewers I am sure!
The very very right wing Hindu fundamentalist Shiv Sena party have said that Sania is a DISGRACE for marrying a Pakistani, who of course they see as their sworn enemy, when there are 150 million decent eligible Indian men. Who of course are Hindu not Muslim. Strewth!
Did a spot of shopping this afternoon – cheese, chicken sausages, lemon cordial. Tried to get my blasted Suunto watchband fixed – why do I bother with this brand? - of course it is impossible so just like last year I am watchless again. If anyone from Suunto is reading this – make your watchbands better! For the money the watch cost it’s a disgrace that a watchband only lasts 6 months. I’d get better value at Kmart. Oh have a whinge!!!
I am now in the 'drawing room' with Hydra the cat and a rum and coke, and all is well with my world anyway. Still can't get hold of Robin but that isn't surprising.
I hear dinner cooking (I think) but have no idea what is on the menu....
Bye for now

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