Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and then it got hotter

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, it got hotter and the desert wind picked up and you got - hot and sticky and covered in fine sand! Lovely! Sitting in an alley way on a busted chair eating what was, undeniably, a very hot and spicy chicken tikka roll while melting in the 'breeze' was quite something, especially as I was losing the food fight with myself. 
There are some cars parked around here that got so covered in dust they look like they have been parked since the time of Akbar the Great.
In Guwahati, where I am flying tomorrow, they have a different problem. Since Monday they have had 80 cm, (that's right centimetres!!!!) of rain and the town is flooded. I do hope Jet Airways has invested in a couple of seaplanes and one is on the Assam route.... stay tuned.
Righto, Robin is in Bomdilla visiting the big Rimpoche today with some people from a UN (I think) programme - he is hoping to get a blessing for his Bhutan trip. He will then head off early tomorrow to drive down through Tezpur then change cars to meet me (assuming I make it) in Guwahati. I hope he is coming in a boat!
The first final of the IPL is on tonight between the Mumbai Indians (Sachin Tendulkar) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (Anil Kumble) - I can't decide which team to go for. I'll be watching it in Harry's karaoke palace tonight with Manish - I don't expect there will be too many people out and about this evening.
The IPL scandal is getting lots of coverage over here, naturally, and so now some politicians are suggesting that the government makes gambling legal in India. That would certainly solve some of the problems currently being faced.
If I make it to Assam tomorrow, I will be out of technology range for a few days, so you won't hear from me for a while. So, enjoy Anzac Day and be nice to a service person. It's thanks to them we have so many things we take for granted.
Remember the story we learnt at school about Simpson and his donkey carrying wounded soldiers in Gallipolli? Well I don't have a picture of that so here is the donkey rank in Jomsom, Nepal. Cheers!

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