Friday, April 2, 2010

Love me, Love my Safari Suit

That’s right the Safari Suit is IN – well I suspect it was never OUT as far as India is concerned. My driver today had a rather splendid bone SS (with tasteful self stripe), of course with short sleeves due to the rather excessive heat we are experiencing. Add to that the fact that we were whizzing round Delhi to the strains of Dean Martin on the CD player and you will see that it has been a rather surreal sort of day. And now I am singing along to Led Zeppelin on the telly…Was there EVER a better band than Led Zep, especially for this part of the planet? I think not.
Well since I wrote last time, Robin has been on the phone again (against all odds I might add) to explain that they were in a place called Along, but that they had travelled at 5kph in 1st gear most of the way and were looking for another car and driver as they had so far to go and so little time. Needless to say he was a little annoyed.
This morning the local Catholic church had their Stations of the Cross and outdoor Good Friday sermon out the back of where I am staying – thank goodness they didn’t start till about 7am(unlike last week when they were at it from about 6am). We had a lazy morning till Carmen decided we would go fabric shopping so she could get lots of new curtains, and I bought some material at stupidly cheap prices – hopefully the tailor I found can make one top the way I instructed then I shall get the other material made up – cheaper than ready made and it SHOULD fit perfectly… ask me in a week!
After a morning burning our eyes and brains with the kaleidoscope of colours and patterns in the fabric shop we retired to the Indian International Centre for a delightful lunch washed down with more Kingfisher beer -I should have bought shares before I arrived. Seems like breakfast is the only meal where beer doesn’t appear!
I got up this morning to discover Hydra, the enormous cat-in-residence, sprawled out on the dining table with her head on my breakfast place setting. Charming. Naughty. Just like every other cat I have ever known.
Tonight I am supposed to be going out for karaoke with a friend but he hasn’t called to confirm yet so perhaps the population of Delhi will be spared my dulcet massacring of some timeless classic…or not. Oh dear, Manish just rang and we are on for 9pm - I wonder how long it will take me to get voted off Karaoke Island? Wish me luck and not too many beer bottles!
And in the news: a bus driver here in Delhi had an accident - nothing new there. He was seen talking on his mobile phone - nothing new there either. He allegedly had his pet monkey clinging to his back...only in India. There was also a report about a crazy Japanese man who attempted suicide by hara kiri - usually that involves cutting your stomach open, but this fellow decided to use a cucumber in a most unusual way. All it did was perforate his bowel, and several other bits besides no doubt, and his highly embarrassed daughter rushed him to hospital. How mortifying.
Bye kids

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