Friday, May 20, 2011

Woo-Hoo Friday!

Another blinder. Work problem? Sorted
Physio? Another session for knees back and shoulders - owww
Friday drinks next door - done
Take away pizzas from Vic's at Summer Hill - you beauty!
Chocolate cake all round
Meanwhile in India, things aren't going so well. Bob has decided to bail out a little early and is heading to Simla and then Delhi to fly to San Fran and his beloved Jeanne. Lucky her - she gets her man back after a couple of months.
It all happened rather quickly, but I gather from the limited telephonic communications I have had that the pilgrim season, food, FLIES, accommodation, logistical issues and the sheer difficulty of everything about this trip have taken their toll on Bob. And fair enough. I want to say now a HUGE THANKS to Bob for having the determination and guts to come along yet again with Robin, to keep him company and be there for him. Having Bob there helped Robin get to where he is now. It means more to me than he can ever know. And thanks to Jeanne for letting him go - I know only too well how hard that is. I hope he takes you out for a great treat when he gets back.
Here's Bob, me and Robin in Sam's in the 'du after their Kanch to Everest trek in 2008. It's easy to tell who was trekking and who was logistics in this shot! It's a tough job but someone's got to do it! And I am so ideally suited - I have a computer, lots of phones and I seem not to need any sleep at all. Of course I could also multitask for Australia at the Olympics.

        Have a safe trip back and huge everlasting hugs mero sati! Om.

And Peter - thanks - it's all under control. Go have a laundry picnic!

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