Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Wednesday!

What's not to love about that.
I went to the Quarterly CEO awards tonight after being advised that 'someone from the department' should go. It was lovely to see that my mate Nicole got an award for being little miss helpful (we couldn't get by without her) and so did my accomplice in policy rewrites, Soula. It was good to be there. And I was a good girl and didn't have a drinkie.
Lots of big news. Mr bin Laden - GAWN. I gotta say I did not approve of the carryings-on by Joe in the street in the USA running down to the White House and celebrating - rather undignified and inciting hatred. Whatever else Mr bin Laden was, he was still a human being with a family. Sometimes this world makes me sad. And of course, now we know why certain people weren't at the big wedding last week, and also maybe why the newlyweds didn't go on their honeymoon.
The SPOT arrived in India and is still not functioning - but I have advised the people in Delhi just to give the blasted thing to Robin and maybe it will work better in the mountains. The problem with the camera has been sorted - it was a rubber ring on the lens so I am hoping that the boofheads can take the replacement Rs35,000 camera body back for a refund. We could do with the money.
Robin is now heading around the south side of the Nanda Devi reserve and has had some good weather last I heard a few days ago. Seems he's out of range again. He's been having a few problems with his orthotics which is a shame and I am busy trying to find a solution for him. Who says I'm not doing logistics?
And on the Mad Nanna front, a place has become available for mum in the hostel in her retirement village. She wasn't too keen on it but Diane bless her has managed to get her to say yes. So Mothers Day this Sunday will be spent ironing name labels on her clothes and sorting out what she needs to take and what we have to ditch. A time of conflicting emotions. Not sure how I will handle it on my own.
Finally got the ticket booked so I'm outta here just before my birthday. I'll be sorry to leave the workplace - I really enjoy working there and they have been such marvellous people to work with. I've really appreciated the challenge of being a manager after such a long time away from it - I feel I've done a pretty good job so far. And I still have a couple of months to get some things set up. Let's see. It's hard to imagine looking for another job when I get back. Who knows what the future holds. I kinda feel like this place is home. Haven't thought that about a workplace for 10 years.
Oh, and the Nepali niece and nephew don't have enough money to come to Australia and are on the hunt for funds - I couldn't help them out at all. Dear Yashu emailed me the other day to ask which pots and pans she should bring - I laughed at first and imagined the Clampetts (The Beverley Hillbillies) on an international flight with household goods dangling off wheelie-bags. Then I gave her some sound aunty advice.
Oh here comes Lakshmi squeaking at me again. Now that the weather has gotten cooler she insists on crawling into bed with me at night. Now she's trying to type so I'd better go.

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