Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Buddha Jyanti

 Buddha's 2555th birthday today. So light a candle for him. And spread a bit of love. Today celebrates 3 great moments in Buddha's life: his birth in 623 BC, his attainment of supreme vision in 588 BC, and his enlightenment (death) at the ripe old age of 80.So it's a bit like Xmas and Easter with something else as well. Turkey and chocolate anyone?

Jambala - Buddhist God of Wealth
Not a whole lot else to report - it's cold here and I still haven't managed to see the 4 planets lined up. Lakshmi the Wonder cat (Hindu Goddess of Wealth) is driving me mad because she keeps pinching the warm spots in the bed. And she never does the housework.
Robin is heading slowly towards Gangotri but there is some unpleasant looking weather headed their way.
I heard from Katje Staartjes and Henk today - they are doing Nepal from west to east. They tried last year but had some bad luck with an injury to Henk so we wish them best of luck for their second attempt. I will keep you posted as I hear from Katje. Today they made it over 3 high passes from Darchula (Nepali side) to Bhajang and plan to be in Yari on 23 May - Katje reports there is a lot of snow around and nobody in Simigaon yet.
Meanwhile on Everest northside Andrew Lock is waiting in basecamp for the right weather for a summit without oxygen. Hope it all goes well for him. He's already done all the 8000ers but this one he really wanted to do without oxygen.
Right well that's enough form me for now.
May peace prevail on earth. Om mani padme hum.

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  1. EEWWWW. why are all the people on How Clean is Your House so unfortunate looking? Scary. I need to stop watching - but I LOVE Km and Aggie! Time for bed methinks.