Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Should I be worried?

Got home from work today, and apart from the usual Target and Franklins catalogues, and highly unwelcome window face envelopes, was a free sample from BrandPower of Tena Lady incontinence pads. What the? Did my 56 year old male neighbour get one? Haven't checked cos it's raining.
Robin is busy pressing SEND on SPOT but I've not talked to him - although it might have been him that called earlier tonight. At least I know he's OK.
Speaking of which, I finally got the bodgy Indian person calling me about a problem with my computer's Microsoft Windows operating system. After I let her rabbit on for a bit - I was busy cooking so couldn't be bothered talking - I said that I didn't have a computer that uses Windows so she would have to call someone else to get some money for her scam.
I'm just enjoying the final of Survivor Redemption Island - all in brawl would be the best way to describe it. I LOVE the final tribal council. Of course Robin dislikes this program so I have enjoyed watching this without his annoying interruptions.
I see the world is going to end on 21 October - pity really. Will the religious whacko be right this time? We shall see....
I note we have a severe weather warning tomorrow with 90 Kph winds - I'd better not wear a skirt and novelty hat to work.
Have a great Wednesday and enjoy the State of Origin if you like that sort of thing.

Here's a baby elephant at Bardia Jungle in Nepal from our trip last year. Hope he makes you smile.

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