Thursday, May 12, 2011

Saw a dreadful play last night!

My dear neighbour Steve asked me out for a hot date last night - wine bar, dinner and an opening night play. Sounds like a proper date!  But he said I didn't have to come across...
The little wine bar was delightful, Grasshopper, located in the rather inaptly named Temperance Lane. Then off to Sailors Thai in the old Sailors Rest Home at the Rocks - such wonderful curry puffs, warm duck salad and brilliant prawns.
Then it started to get silly. We had tickets for what turned out to be a modernised production of Brecht's Baal. I had no idea what it was about before I went, and frankly I still don't. The complimentary programme tells me that is it is about a drunken wastrel with an unending lust for sex with anybody - and he is a poet and musician. I can tell you that there were a lot of people running around in the nuddy, there was simulated sex (gay and straight), dreadful music, a rather impressive rain effect onstage towards the latter part of the evening, and unfortunately as Baal lay dying on a skanky mattress (which was supposedly a forest?!) I got a view straight up his whatsits. Yucko. Steve and I were both relieved to be able to head to the bar. What a stupid play.
You may have heard about the cold SNAP we are having at present in Sydney. I don't think I've ever been quite so cold in May before, and getting up is a real struggle every day.
Robin and Bob are now trekking again after enduring a string of skanky towns at pilgrim time. The other day they drove to Badrinath so that, as he put it, they could look at a rock with tinsel on it. Lucky for them the queue was over a kilometre long so the crew decided going back down for lunch was a better idea. When they were driving to Kedarnath they got stuck in huge queues on the road and some awful driving which of course didn't help anything. When I spoke to them last night there was rain about and they were in a tent.
Now, everyone except Jeanne must go to the next paragraph! Bob sends this message for you Jeanne: "you are warmer than the mountain sun and more beautiful than the mountain meadows".
Right you lot I'm back again. Black Friday tomorrow so watch out for vampires and werewolves. And of course tonight and early tomorrow we can gaze into the sky and see Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all lined up. If we get out of bed at stupid o'clock. If we don't have crappy eyesight. And you'll need some very warm clothes to wear if you are in southern Australia right now. 
I may just stay in bed!

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