Sunday, May 8, 2011

Indian Blowout

Oh dear me....Robin was unable to secure the necessary paperwork - in fact the local magistrate wouldn't even see them unless they had a letter from the Home Ministry saying they were allowed to cross Kalindi Khal. Which they didn't have because I am not doing their logistics, and the person who is didn't get it and seemed not to place any importance on it. So this morning I was trying to see if I could find someone in India who could help but it is pretty difficult from Sydney. And I couldn't. Well I could, but that person was out of India and didn't have any contact details with them.
Robin has now had to sack the logistics people (since he and Bob were mostly working it out themselves anyway) and tomorrow they have to get a car to take them to Rishikesh in pilgrimage season so that hopefully they can start trekking. The GHT is meant to be a duplicable BY ANYBODY route, not something that you need more connections for than Paris Hilton on Facebook.
But some brighter news - the camera they bought him is very good - well it would want to be for that price - and the SPOT is working. I can even show you where he is when he checks in.
Wanna see it? So hopefully he will check in most days and we'll all be able to see where he is and follow his progress. Which will be fun. Do let me know what you think! Peter, I'm sure you'll love it. You can have fun swapping between the different map views - satellite, terrain and hybrid.
Well I had the last visit with mum at her place today - the room she has at the hostel has been newly painted and has a little balcony and lots of trees outside. It's quite nice. I really noticed today how bemused she seems by everything. And how cross she was that nobody wanted her enormous ancient washing machine, fridge or microwave. 
Well I'm tired after all the aggravation of today - I took an hour to travel 22 kms today to see mum. What a pain in the butt.
Have a great week and stay tuned for more GHT palaver.

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