Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's a mystery

I don't know who is doing what anymore!
Anyway, Robin and Bob drove to almost Kedarnath today and are in another pilgrim place - tomorrow they start walking and boy will they be glad to get out of pilgrim towns.
I have no idea how much of anything the boys in India are doing for them - since I've had to call him on global roaming I was trying to keep it short but he would insist on rabbiting on about possibilities a month down the track. Sorry dear, I'm trying to pay the bills so SHUTUP. Love you!!
Hope you got a chance to check out SPOT - there should be a few more blips from now if I'm any judge of satellites.
Mum moved into her new accommodation today and according to all reports it went mostly OK. Will have to spend this weekend clearing out the old place so we can stop paying for it. Such fun.
Here's a funky chocolate ball dessert thingy from Trader Vic's in the Bangkok Marriott. Seriously yum.

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