Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to my nightmare

What a stupid couple of days. Got home yesterday with just enough time to grab the car and drive to physio - parked in by neighbour. No prob, got him to move but because the street is being dug up what used to be a 3 point turn ended up being about 57 in the Landrover. Stuck in traffic but finally got to physio (good thing he was running late!) only to find that when I scanned my health fund card it didn't work. Only just got the flaming thing because my other one didn't scan. Because I didn't have any $$ or credit cards on me I had to leave without paying - what a good look. So tomorrow I'd better take some other form of payment. And for that I pay $97 a month??
Got home, Lakshmi had delivered me a nice mouse that was flying through the air - so I called the neighbour (god love ya Neal) who came to rescue me as I was in Damsel in Distress mode. So there's Neal with a broom trying to corner the mouse while I try to control the struggling cat.  Got that sorted finally, and was just trying to get my dinner, when Robin called me. Since I hadn't heard from him for a week that was kind of exciting, but I was in the middle of 'plating up' as they say on the cooking shows. Meanwhile, somebody was banging on the front door and through the peephole was a very bright light. That'd be Steve from across the road with his stupid Ebay torch. He was delivering a home made muffin and requesting some milk. And Neal came along with him - I don't know why. So I had to hang up on Robin who was mystified about  what the hell was going on at home! By this time my dinner was getting cold but we had to discuss Saturday Rugby plans. PHEW!
Finally got to eat dinner and call Robin back. He was in Gangotri - the origin of the Ganges, and it's pilgrim season. The place was full of Hindu pilgrims and whacky western hippies, and there was no hot water, beer or meat. Depressing. They had a good trek but were very tired, and Auden's Col was not very interesting but they did get so see snow leopard prints.
Trango in Bhutan 2010
Today they were headed for some town or other but got separated from some of their crew, and the driver decided to take them somewhere else. With seriously crap reception. So we spent a frustrating hour trying to call each other - I have a landline, mobile and skype but just couldn't get through and Robin only just managed a few times on his expensive global roaming. I can't report much, but his crew have managed to trash his Trango tent poles and all the jets on the MSR stoves which they assured him they could operate. It constantly surprises me that trekking staff take no care whatsoever with gear. We love the tent and the stoves and to have them trashed (don't ask me how) is seriously annoying.
Add to that I had a very irritating day at work which, to put it mildly, shat me to tears. How ridiculous that I should be sitting at my desk after hours, fuming because of a staff member who can't be bothered to treat people with respect and do their job properly. Still, I'm where the buck stops and I have to deal with it. And fix it. Something to look forward to.
See me later!

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