Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday night fever

Strewth I'm worn out. Spent 4 hours today in Trek & Travel with Rhonda getting her kitted out for Nepal later this year- we had to go today cos the sale was still on. So now I have a front room with 4 of her giant shopping bags FULL of trekking gear - boots, clothes, sleeping stuff, poles and god knows what else, plus my king bed doona, 4 towels, Robin's boots etc etc etc destined for Nepal. No room to move.
We had a great time shopping though and we were lucky that Robin called while I was there so he got to talk to his BFF Greg (who had the pleasure of devoting more than half his shift to us) and Rhonda which was very cheery for all concerned.
Just watching Touching the Void on telly - Joe Simpson's amazing story of survival after dropping  into a crevasse in South America - one of the greatest back from the dead stories ever. Gripping book - read it before you see the movie.
So Robin is in Joshimath on the one weekend of the year when, apparently, the Hindu temples are opened so that everyone can see the gods and goddesses - so there was a choice of no room or a Rs 2000 room (about $41 Aussie - more than Robin and I ever paid in India - outrageous! Lucky I bought those on sale earrings yesterday to make up for his extravagance). He is SICK TO DEATH of trekking in the hot midhills and longs for the cool air of the mountains, but he and Bob seems destined to be deterred from attaining such joy. Tomorrow they will be seeing some local bigwig who may give them permission to go towards a 'dangerous' (not) pass. It sounds like the GHT in India is much more frustrating than Nepal.
Here at home the Tahs won tonight, we had a lovely barbecue even though our hostess went to hospital cos she took the top off her thumb slicing onions at the school fete - and then her hubby did the same at home. So then I turned up and took a slice off MY thumb opening the dip. What a bunch of crocks!! No wonder we have turned to alcohol.
Sunday is mothers day - be nice to your mum. If she is no longer around, think something nice about her, or make something she always made for you. I will be visiting Mum for the last time at her place, and my sister and I (with sis's kids) will be organising her stuff for the move on Tuesday. I expect to not be happy afterwards - but wait! Neal, Rhonda and I are off to Vic's for dinner (the Italian place of a few weeks ago) so it will all be good.
Time for bed - be nice to your mum - if it wasn't for her you wouldn't be here.

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