Sunday, May 15, 2011

If that was a weekend I had it

Barbecue, drinks and rugby at number 4 on Friday, shopping dinner drinks and rugby at number 4 on Saturday, ALL day clearing mum's place out today. Woo hoo. I really know how to live on the edge. Of reality...
Mum seems to be settling in well at the hostel, and is finally eating decent food - we struggled to get her to eat anything at home. However, she seems to be getting completely mystified by the simplest things - the phone for instance. Di got her one with BIG buttons and a spot to stick mugshots of pre programmed people in (if you get my drift). So we checked it was working this arvo and when Di rang it mum looked at it as though she had never seen a phone before, and for the life of her she couldn't work out how to answer it... And then she was asking me where keys for the balcony door were - Don't know mum I don't live here. Did they give you any keys when you moved in? No idea came the reply. Ok so I start looking for keys - hey mum what are those keys pinned to your trousers? Keys for the house. But mum you don't live there anymore. Oh, don't I? Oh dear.
We were all astounded at the amount of stuff mum had in her small place - so many towels (and beach towels - mum has never been tot the beach in her life!). I have a Landrover full of stuff to give to a refuge or something like that. We've got a washing machine, bed and a whole bunch of furniture to give away, and we all took something that we loved of mum and dad's that mum couldn't take with her. Some of the things we wanted were rather illogical, but there you go. 

1st birthday what a cutie
She hasn't stopped on the phone since.
Probably most exciting of all was our baby photo albums - boy are they from a different age. Pink 'leather' cover with 'Our Baby' emblazoned on the front, with the obligatory stork - come on it was 1959! Inside is a page where the proud parents write the details of baby (size, weight, hair/eye colour etc) and then a squillion pages for pics - wonderful black and white (and some studio portraits) that had to go into photo corners. And each one has the date neatly written in white ink underneath (the pages are black as you old farts would know). I'll have you know that I still have the cabinet in the background of the telephone pic.
Robin is currently somewhere near Shivling - I've not had a phone call from him for a few days but thank goodness for SPOT (who I have nicknamed Roger) so I have a pretty good idea where they are and what's in store for them. Roger manages to send me a ping every day. Pretty useful item.
I am heartily sick of this cold weather - I gave in and got the blanket out to add to the doona and electric blanket so perhaps I won't freeze overnight.
I'm going to enjoy the rest of my very well earned Beer Lao and head to bed.

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