Saturday, July 30, 2011

If that was my birthday I had it

Robin organised a little soiree at Dwarikas hotel last night for the Friday night barbecue buffet. There was us two, Puru my Nepali brother, Uttam my Nepali boyfriend, Toni who just finished the full traverse of the GHT and was flying to China today, our old mate Jamie, and Susan and Satish to lend an air of decorum. We had a thoroughly splendid meal, with cocktails, wine, bubbly and a magnificent chocolate mud cake. Then it got silly. I decided we would have a game of stick ball (pool to those of you with a misspent youth) between Aussie passport holders and the rest of the world. So it was Susan, Robin and I versus England (Toni), New Zealand (Jamie), India (Satish), and Nepal (Uttam and Puru). It was a showcase of appalling aiming but luckily none of us ripped the felt, although the white ball did go down once or twice thanks to her Excellency and the New Zealand player. Neither Satish or Puru had picked up a pool cue before so they can feel rather pleased with themselves. In the end Australia won, with the birthday girl sinking 3 including the black. Great effort but I still ache from laughing.Then 5 of us plus driver piled back into the small car we had and whizzed back to Thamel for a refeshing ale on the balcony before bed.
My appointment at Tilganga was postponed till this Monday so I am still unsure how much longer I will be waiting for the op.
And of course, in whacky news from Nepal, this one caught everyone's eye yesterday: "Prime Minister wading through labyrinth". And just when you were wondering how exactly one wades through a labyrinth, we were informed that he was also "on the horns of a dilemma". So clearly, even though he was wading his feet weren't getting wet. Because he was on those horns. Uttam reckons the journalists currently employed at the Kathmandu Post which boasted that marvellous article must surely be the incompetent ones from the world's worst newspaper, the Rising Nepal. Hopefully we can look forward to more of the same.

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