Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wish I had webbed feet

Which will also come in handy for Kathmandu in monsoon next week. At least it will be warm. Because I am really OVER being cold. But I think I already mentioned that.
Must tell you, my ensemble for today (considering that it had been bucketing down all night) was: nice Sportscraft purple silk shirt, cardy from Derjeeling, Fairydown Goretex jacket, Mountain Hardwear Goretex overpants (work trousers in handbag), $350 black leather boots. My goodness didn't I look fabulous! Well at least I didn't have wet flappy trousers all day.
Robin is busy helping organise the GHT reception in Katty tomorrow - Toni and Greg made it the whole way (and well done them). Have YOU thought about having a go at some or all of it yet? I don't need to - I already have!
Well only 2 more work days. Wow. Weird. Kaz (who owns the job I've been doing) came in today for the 1st time since she went off to have cute baby Roman. It was a rather weird day - I felt like I was sitting in 'her chair' etc - when it's where I've been for 6 months! Such is the life of a temp. Good thing we are both wonderful humans who can deal with such things. I am very lucky that the boys at work are taking us all out for lunch on Friday - so I only have one more packed lunch to make: cheese and vegemite sandwich, fruit juice and some Shortbread Cream biccies for playlunch. Whacko. I live on the edge. Permanently.
I'm off to the fridge.

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