Monday, July 18, 2011

Countdown to Katty

This time next week I'll be enjoying the inflight service on THAI winging my way to Brave Sir Robin. Wow that 5 and a half months has gone FAST. And have I achieved what I intended? Yes and no. I haven't done some of the 'house' jobs, but I have managed, I think, to do a damn fine job at the office. Considering how long it has been since I had to run a department and supervise staff (admittedly a whole lot less people now than I used to be in charge of) I am pretty pleased with it all. I hope the employer is too. So, only 4 more days before looming unemployment. Better get those bills paid!
The GHT trekkers with World Expedition are within a whisker of completing the whole thing. Wow. 157 days. Well done. It will be interesting to see how many people sign up next year with World Ex for it. Robin is busy helping to organise the fancy reception at the Radisson in the 'du on Thursday. He arrived back in Nepal on Friday and has been on the go ever since.
I'm relaxing and enjoying my last chance to watch The Amazing Race Australia... go the farmers! I'm gonna have to die wondering who wins Masterchef. What other garbage can I find to watch I wonder?
Speaking of which, how odd that His Holiness was on Masterchef last night - not sure what that was all about. Don't think he was either.
Last week I had a pyjama party of sorts. Greg came over to help cut down some frangipani and cut back the bougainvillea and have a wonderful curry and a sleepover. Some helpful soul at work suggested I could bring some offcuts of the frangipani into work to share. So on Thursday I gathered up half a tree, stuck it in some plastic bags and boarded the peak hour train - much to the delight/horror of other commuters. As I was a the bottom of the escalator in town waiting for a gap to jump on, the kind soul from work spotted my branches and started cackling. Loudly. In public. Thanks Jonelle for drawing even more attention to me. But hey, the cuttings went to lots of new homes and I hope they give much pleasure. And I looked like a dork. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the Australia vs Samoa rugby yesterday - the Samoan tries were so jolly, especially the first one which STILL makes me smile when I watched it. I'm jealous of Peter who was sitting among the Samoans there yesterday.
Saw the aged parent on Saturday - she was complaining that the stuff on telly is always the same so I asked her to show me how that worked and she turned on the radio and stared at the blank TV screen. Oh dear.
Well I'm off to enjoy another splendid glass of wine while I still can. Gonna take some over to her excellence Susan so we can enjoy it together. Already booked in for lunch, assuming I don't have my eye operation on 2nd August. Fingers crossed.
Bye for now

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