Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back in the 'du

Greetings from soggy mouldy Kathmandu, where even the old palace walls have slime dribbling down them. Charming. And I am struggling to get my laundry dry. But I am happy to report that finally I am properly warm for the first time since March.
I managed to get away with 38 kilos of luggage on Monday and then hopped on an almost full flight (thanks no doubt to the wonderful exchange rate) to Bangkok. In contrast the flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu was only about a third full and I managed to be first in the Immigration queue to collect my visa. The wait for my luggage was considerably longer, and of course it wobbled all over the place on my crappy trolley.
And despite my dreadful eyesight I managed to spot Robin before I crashed into him. Since then it has been a whirlwind of people visiting (and Toni who just completed the full traverse of the GHT is staying across the hall from us so I've been spending time with her)  and getting stuff organised. Like a much overdue visit to Miss Juni's hairdo emporium. Today I was meant to be off to the eye hospital but Dr Ruit is on holiday so I have to wait till Monday for that treat.
There's not too many people around at the moment as monsoon isn't a good time to do much in Nepal (except perhaps wade through skanky water and feel mouldy) so we have been able to devote some time to the business of GHT. Robin is currently chatting to Hauser, a big German trekking company, about them running GHT trips.
Oh look the sun just came out - how fabulous!

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