Sunday, July 10, 2011

Super Rugby result

Wow what a great game - did you see it? I love Digby Ioane.
And Manu just won Dancing with the Stars! It's wonderful to see somebody just having so much fun. If only I could pick winners for money... And if only someone uploads his "Last Dance' on youtube...
Another busy week with work and a round of medical visits pre departure - all the usual girly yearly service things. Don't ask.
It has been blowing a gale all week in Sydney and I am relieved that I do not possess a hairdo. Or wear skirts in winter. Or live in a tent. The bloody house has been cold enough. And the wind makes Mrs Puss run up and own the house like a possessed fool. Which of course is somewhat annoying if I happen to be wandering through with a Ming vase or a bowl of hot soup. Highly likely in this weather - the soup not the Ming vase.
Only 2 more weekends.. and so many things to do. Like get organised, save a few thousand bucks (not a hope in hell), lose some kilos (as if), get a new back fence, a stereo for the car, retile the bathroom and finish reorganising what passes for the bookshelves. So what I am doing sitting around relaxing? Just that, relaxing. Because I deserve it.
I heard from Robin during the week (bit of a surprise - lucky the boyfriend wasn't around!) he got back to Leh quicker than anticipated but was heading off for somewhere or other for a few days. Tomorrow he heads to Delhi for a few days before going back to Katty to wait for me and get a haircut. Or something.
Did I mention I'm bored with being cold? Oh I did...sorry.
Neal just got back from camping in the snow with Lady Rhonda to test the gear she and I bought recently - a screaming success by all accounts. And my other neighbours Steve and Netty headed down to the snow today for a week. Mad.
Looks like I'm gonna miss the end of Amazing Race Australia - which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Robin would be appalled at the stuff I've been watching while he isn't here to complain. C'mon I work hard and deserve to zone out and have a laugh - which is what I do every Monday with the race - I just love Dave and Kel and the farmers - they crack me up. Remind me of some of my relos...Gotta love blokes who talk without opening their mouth in case flies get in. I adore their senses of humour (or is that sense of humours??).
I hope Kaz (whose job I'm doing now) has been paying attention to the Race and Masterchef as Soula (my next door neighbour at work) and I dissect the results after every show. If not, she'd better start watching NOW.
Right then, have a great week.

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