Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eye eye Captain

At last I can see. Out of both eyes. Properly. Only took 52 years! Thank heavens for Tilganga and the Fred Hollows gang. I had my initial appointment there on Monday and they managed to squeeze me in yesterday (Wednesday) which was great.
Here I am in my gorgeous operation outfit - which fits so well in all the right places! Obviously I was smiling as I had little idea what was in store for me.. last year's op went very smoothly but this time I wasn't quite so lucky. The cataract was reluctant to leave my eyeball, and I suspect that the local anaesthetic in my eye didn't work because I could feel everything - like the slice, the crochet hook thing to pull it out and all sorts of other stuff. But it finally relented and I am now enjoying a life of relaxation for a bit.
If you are keen to see my cataract op, you will find it here: I don't think I'll be tuning in any time soon....
And in other news, had a charming lunch at the embassy on Tuesday and our favourite bar reopens tonight HOORAY. No more having to make do with the sheer incompetence at Delima Garden (not known as Dilemma Garden for nothing).
Friends are gradually making their way back into Kathmandu, crappy runway notwithstanding. The TIA runway has been closed I think 5 times in the last few months because the firm who got the tender to repair the one runway had to spend so much money in bribes (for what, I have yet to find out) that they don't have any money for materials. So, they fill the cracks at night (in monsoon, so very wet) with a bit of sand, rubbish or whatever and a light icing of bitumen which of course doesn't set. And it is right at the point where planes touch down.
All aboard for a thrilling landing at TIA. Fasten seats belts and assume crash position!
Robin and I have joined the Hotel Malla pool and gym so once I get the all clear I can splash about a bit. And we are planning to take a short trip to Sri Lanka in a few weeks to help with Robin's visa situation in South Asia - he can't go back to India yet and can't spend much more time in Nepal right now. Tibet is now open again but has no beaches, Thailand is on the way home, Clifton Beach in Karachi is not really a sun lovers paradise so Sri Lanka it is. We've never been there so we are really looking forward to that. If it happens.....
Right, I'm going to recline now and look pathetic in case anyone comes to visit.
And I'll wait for the STAR movies James Bond festival which is on every afternoon.


  1. OUCH! Margo and I lasted until 1:53, then had to turn it off. Do not watch, Judy!

  2. wow aunty thats great news, happy for u.
    missing you.