Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 weeks to go!

How did it get here so quickly? My single life will soon be over! Which is going to be very very strange. For 5 months now I've been able, within reason, to do whatever I want whenever I felt like it - really exciting things like staying up late watching garbage on the telly, eating stupid things for dinner and doing laundry at all hours. Ah well....But of course I will get to see Brave Sir Robin after such a long time. Well when I say see I don't really mean see, because my eyesight is getting so poor now. I'll be relying on him to spot me at the airport when I arrive. I hope I find the right man...
It was another busy week at work, with the mad rush for the end of financial year. I think our figures were pretty good so I'm happy about that, and soon Kaz will be back to take the reins and work her magic. Not sure if there will be a job for me there when we get back from Nepal - it's a bad time of year to be looking for work then too which is unfortunate.
This week I have a bunch of medical appointments (always have lots of those just before leaving) and on Saturday the finals of the Super Rugby - go the Queensland Reds! They played very well last night to beat the Auckland Blues, and now have to play the Christchurch Crusaders.
For some reason last night, after we had watched the rugby, our host decided to put Carry on up the Khyber on for us to enjoy (and he promptly dozed off in the beanbag). What a stupid movie (but we all laughed at Private Widdle, Bungeditin and the 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment). And so unPC.
Meanwhile Robin is heading for Leh by the look of things. He expects to be back there in a week then back to Delhi for a few days.
This afternoon our Nepali niece and her husband came for a barbie. Neal got to be the barbie meister with help from Pallav, while Rhonda, Yashu and I sat round talking. Snags, corn, bread and individual pavs. Doesn't get any better than that.

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