Saturday, July 23, 2011


That's how I feel. A hectic final week at work, the most god awful wind and rain all week, Robin losing his Aussie SIM card which meant I had to fart around getting him a replacement when I'm not 'authorised' on his account and all the other last minute crap that happens every blasted time.
Had a splendid last day at work - went out for lunch and then had a silly late afternoon when somebody misheard me saying that one should be careful on boats in wet weather as you could slip on the deck. Need I say more. And somehow it was my fault. Of course. Can you spot the spello on my present?
And just look at the lovely present I got
So today has been a mad rush hither and thither buying a few last minute things in the village of the damned (well that's how it felt!) and getting some free snags and snog from the butcher. Traffic jam to go see mum, tonight's rugby viewing and barbecue plans have changed about 10 times and I am over it. Oh and puss decided to teach me a lesson this morning by peeing on the blanket and doona. Great. It's been such excellent weather for drying laundry.
On a positive note, looks like I will get all my packing into 2 large bags which combined will weigh about 30kg.
Somewhere on planet earth the sun is over the yardarm.
Cheers x

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