Sunday, June 26, 2011

I can't believe Robin went to Maccas

Apparently it was after having been out to a bar with some friends, where it was cheaper to buy VB by the half dozen. So they had 24. And I was told that the Chicken Mac Maharaja burger was highly unappetising - what a surprise! Of course they don't have beef because Hindu persons don't eat it but they do have a range of chicken and vege stuff - not that I'd touch it with a barge pole. I can't remember the last time I ate Maccas - and I don't care if their toilets are clean.
So today I had Neal round trying to help me replace a bulb on the outdoor light - which was way more difficult than it should have been as we had no idea how to get the blown bulb out. So I took a photo and then had to go to - gulp - Bunnings to locate a little man to assist. Surprisingly he did and for only $4.40 I got what I needed and now have a back yard light again just in time for garbage night.
Robin went to the monastery in Leh this morning and saw the Oracle in action. She was busy donging a young fellow with a sword - don't know why but I expect he won't do it again. He was going to hit a few more monasteries this afternoon and he still has tomorrow to occupy himself - I know not with what.
I am now going to admit that I'm watching Dancing with the Stars - such tragic viewing but good for a laugh. Some people just don't have it! I love the outfits and the muscly guys. I'm going for Manu - devilishly charming!
Hey I forgot to tell you that during the week TIA (Tribhuvan Un-Intentional Airport, Kathmandu) was closed for a morning because the runway collapsed. How that country manages to run is anybody's guess. I'm so looking forward to landing there in monsoon.
And last but not least, here's a lovely review of Robin's guide book in the latest edition of the Nepali Times. Have you bought your copy yet?

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